24 of the Cutest Baby Llamas Ever!

What could be cuter than a bunch of baby llamas and alpacas? I went and found some for you. I also found a couple of interesting baby llama facts. Did you know that a baby llama is called a cria? I didn’t!

I also found that llamas often hum, both when content and when under stress. Mother llamas also hum to their babies. Llamas live between 17 and 23 years, so these babies will grow up and be around for awhile.   When fully grown, a llama will average around 350 pounds in weight.

Here are 24 totally cute baby llamas and alpacas.

  • The Cutest Baby Llamas Ever 1 of 25

    Photo Credits: Shutterstock, Katherine, and Bruno Girin 

  • Young Andean Girl and Her Baby Alpaca 2 of 25

    Llama are native to the Andes mountains. I saw scenes such as this when I visited the Peruvian Andes. It was simply charming! Learn more about llamas at National Geographic


    Photo Credit: Bruno Girin 

  • Time for a Smooch! 3 of 25

    A tiny baby llama leans over to give her mama a kiss. It's just about the sweetest thing. Llamas are normally quiet and communicate with body language.  Learn more at Llama Trivia.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • The Cutest Baby Llama Ever! 4 of 25

     I love the adorable expression. Llamas are related to camels, but lack a hump. Learn more at National Geographic.


    Photo Credit: Katherine

  • Little Llama with Decorations 5 of 25

    This baby has ribbons in her hair and is just the cutest thing ever! I saw lots of llamas like this when I was in Peru where they are kept as domestic animals.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Young Alpaca Ready to Luau 6 of 25

    These two are ready to party, or perhaps head out on a cruise to Hawaii!  It is common to see llamas wearing decorative items. They are intelligent and are easily trained. Learn more at Llama Trivia.


    Photo Credit: Dennis Harper

  • Napping Baby Llama 7 of 25

    This baby llama is adorable while sleeping in the hay.  Shhhh, don't wake her up!


    Photo Credit: Neal Jennings

  • Baby Llama With Floppy Ears 8 of 25

    A young llama shows off her adorable expression. She reminds me of a bunny rabbit. Llamas are very social and inquisitive.  Learn more at Llama Facts.


    Photo Credit: Pamela Carls

  • Momma and Baby Share a Moment 9 of 25

    Two llamas get their cuddle on.  This is another example of the use of body language.


    Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

  • Dinner Time for Baby Alpacas 10 of 25

    These adorable babies are taking turns at the food dish.  They also show how llamas come in a variety of colors, which can vary from brown to tan, to white, to gray.  Learn more at Facts About Llamas.


    Photo Credit: Jenn

  • Sleepy Time for Baby Llama 11 of 25

    Nap time! This baby is completely zonked out. Llamas are almost always single births. So this baby likely does not have a twin. Learn more at Llama Trivia.


    Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

  • Baby Llama in a Jacket 12 of 25

    This baby is staying nice and warm.  Most show llamas are sheered to keep them attractive, which is perhaps why this little one is dressed up.  Learn more at Llama Trivia.


    Photo Credit: Jennifer Morton

  • Baby Llama Contemplates Life 13 of 25

    A llama's eyes can look in different directions and move independently from one another. So this little guy can watch you coming from forward and from behind. Learn more at Llama Trivia.


    Photo Credit: Audrey Sel

  • Baby Llama at Machu Pichu 14 of 25

    I saw wild baby llamas such as this one when I visited Peru and various Inca ruins. It was amazing to see wild llamas, many of which could be viewed up close!


    Photo Credit: Eduardo Zárate

  • Baby Llama Relaxing 15 of 25

    Everyone needs a break sometimes. This baby is taking it easy.


    Photo Credit: Anoldent

  • Learning to Walk 16 of 25

    A little baby llama is just getting started and has a bit of help. Llamas give birth standing up. Learn more at Facts About Llamas.


    Photo Credit: Kenny Sharpe

  • Baby Llama and Momma 17 of 25

    Mother and child hang out together. It is such a nice way to spend the day.


    Photo Credit: Glen Bowman

  • Little Llama 18 of 25

    A young llama takes in the view. Isn't it adorable? Llamas are generally pasture animals and will guard the pasture against intruders. Learn more at Llama Trivia


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Catching up to Momma 19 of 25

    A baby follows Mom around the pasture.  There is so much to see and explore. Since llamas are social, they tend to live in herds. Learn more at Facts About Llamas


    Photo Credit: Glen Bowman

  • Cute Baby Alpaca 20 of 25

    Baby llamas and alpacas are also cuddly. Here a girl holds a baby in her arms. Llama and alpaca hair is used in a variety of textiles, perhaps even in the girl's sweater. Learn more at National Geographic


    Photo Credit: Alex Barton

  • Baby Gives Momma a Hug 21 of 25

    A baby shows some affection.  Momma seems happy to oblige.  As previously noted, llamas rely a lot on body language. They are also highly intelligent.  Learn more at Llama Trivia


    Photo Credit: Glen Bowman

  • Andean Baby 22 of 25

    There are many wild alpacas and llamas in the Andes mountains, and they are a common site when traveling there. I like how this one has spotted legs. 


    Photo Credit: Robert Ennals

  • Adorable Baby Llama 23 of 25

    The look on this baby's face is priceless. Such a happy llama! He is also a unique color with multiple spots.


    Photo Credit: Julie

  • Baby Alpaca Snacking 24 of 25

    Alpacas take a moment to nibble on the some hay and enjoy each other's company. Llamas eat about one-third of what a horse would eat. Learn more at Llama Trivia.


    Photo Credit: Melinda

  • Baby Llama Looks at You 25 of 25

    This little guy is wondering what you are up to. I love his quizzical look!


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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