24 Pets Helping With Housework

If your pet is like mine, he or she is more than happy to “help” with the housework. My corgi Eve loves to help clean the dishes, while Ty is known for supervising the Roomba. Indeed, one of the first things he did when he first entered our home was climb aboard the Roomba for a better view.

From cats making sure that the laundry stays in the basket, to helping load the dishwaher and stock the fridge, here are 24 pets helping with the housework.

  • Pets Who Help With Housework 1 of 25
    pets helping with housework
  • Dish Drying Cat 2 of 25

    This cat is ready to load the dish rack!


    Photo Credit: Rob Lee

  • Sorting Socks 3 of 25

    This cat will get those pesky socks under control!


    Photo Credit: Jacob Davies

  • Mop Dog 4 of 25

    This guy is making sure that everything stays in place and is ready to go. 


    Photo Credit: Istolethetv

  • Roomba Director 5 of 25

    This kitty is the Roomba boss!


    Photo Credit: Eirik Newth

  • Clothes Washing Cat 6 of 25

    Getting ready to fluff and dry!


    Photo Credit: Leonora Enking

  • Refridgerator Helper 7 of 25

    Inventorying the soda situation is of utmost importance. 


    Photo Credit: Ellen Godfrey 

  • Dog Does Dishes 8 of 25

    Double checking that the spoons are clean!


    Photo Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild

  • Sink Polisher Cat 9 of 25

    Who needs a wash rag to polish the sink when you have a cat that volunteers to do it instead?  


    Photo Credit: Windell Oskay

  • Dog Does Carpet Duty 10 of 25

    All good dogs know that the vacuum must be kept under control! 


    Photo Credit: Emery Way

  • Kitchen Cleaning Cat 11 of 25

    Faucet inspection is very critical.


    Photo Credit: Bill & Vicki T

  • Cabinet Cleaner 12 of 25

    This dog checks for dust in the wine rack and supervises all kitchen duties. 


    Photo Credit: Jeremy Carbaugh

  • Cleaning Bucket Kitty 13 of 25

    This cat is making sure that the mop bucket is in order. 


    Photo Credit: Margo Akermark

  • Vacuumn Kitty 14 of 25

    This cat is helps with the carpet cleaning duties and keeps the cords under control.


    Photo Credit: Leonora Enking

  • Dishwasher Dog 15 of 25

    The plates need a bit of prewash.


    Photo Credit: Bukowski18

  • Making the Bed 16 of 25

    How many cats does it take to make a bed?


    Photo Credit: Lil Shepherd

  • Floor Sweeping Supervision 17 of 25
    y1095087_624364557588570_223082348_n - Copy

    Corgi Astro makes sure that the broom behaves and finds every crumb.


    Photo Credit: Astro Adventures


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  • Dog Does the Laundry 18 of 25

    This dog is doing a good job at laundry folding.


    Photo Credit: Regan Walsh

  • Bed Fluffer 19 of 25

    A cat makes sure that the bed clothes are properly fluffed.


    Photo Credit: Romana Klee

  • Emptying the Fridge 20 of 25

    This puppy is happy to help clean out the fridge!


    Photo Credit: OtterBox

  • Stainless Steel Polishing 21 of 25

    Paws are great at polishing! 


    Photo Credit: April Killingsworth

  • Leaf Blowing Dog 22 of 25

    This dog is more than happy to take over the leaf blowing duties and keep the machine in line. 


    Photo Credit: Randy Robertson

  • Laundry Assistance 23 of 25

    Hamper inspection is a cat's favorite duty.


    Photo Credit: Davida De La Harpe

  • Delving Into the Dishwasher 24 of 25

    Making sure that everything is properly arranged. 


    Photo Credit: John Blyberg

  • The Puppy on a Roomba 25 of 25
    puppy 034

    Corgi Ty finishes things up by taking over the Roomba.


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