24 Stunning Photos of Pets in Fall Foliage

Fall is here! The trees are beginning to change color in my area, and soon it will be time to start raking leaves.

This is also a great time of year for pet photography. Grab your camera and pose your pets among the fallen leaves, or set up some straw bales and pumpkins for a fall themed portrait. You can use this slideshow for inspiration!

Here are 24 beautiful photos of pets among the fall foliage.

  • Pets in Fall Foliage 1 of 25
    Pets in Fall Foliage
  • Aussie Enjoys the Fall 2 of 25

    An Australian Shepherd plays with the falling leaves.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Cat in the Fall Sun 3 of 25

    This cat enjoys a moment of sun among the fallen leaves.


    Photo Credit: Andrea_44

  • Dog Posing for a Fall Portrait 4 of 25

    A dog poses nicely for a colorful fall portrait.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Hanging Out on a Fall Day 5 of 25

    A dog and owner enjoy a moment outside in brisk fall weather.


    Photo Credit: Bryan Rosengrant

  • Cat Playing with a Leaf 6 of 25

    Leaves can make good toys!


    Photo Credit: Amanda Wray

  • Dog Enjoys a Beautiful Fall Day 7 of 25

    What is better than a walk through freshly fallen leaves?


    Photo Credit: Petteri Sulonen

  • Cat Among the Foliage 8 of 25

    This cat looks stunning posed among the red fall foliage.


    Photo Credit: Anssi Koskinen

  • Dachshund in a Leaf Pile 9 of 25

    A dachshund enjoys playing in a pile of leaves.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Cat in a Colorful Tree 10 of 25

    A cat takes in the fall view from high in a colorful tree.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Beagle Takes a Break 11 of 25

    This beagle take a rest break from playing outside in the fall weather.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Terrier in the Fall Leaves 12 of 25

    This little guy is just hanging out in a bed of leaves.


    Photo Credit: Macinate

  • Orange Tabby in the Fall 13 of 25

    This tabby matches the pretty fall colors.


    Photo Credit: Dwight Sipler

  • Cat in Fall Foliage 14 of 25

    A cat sits near a leaf pile on a fall day.


    Photo Credit: Crackers93

  • Dog with Fall Grasses 15 of 25

    A dog hangs out with colorful fall grasses.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Cat Surveys Fallen Leaves 16 of 25

    A cat takes in the fall colors on the ground.


    Photo Credit: Douglas Woods

  • Puppy in a Leaf Pile 17 of 25

    Nothing is cuter than a puppy in a pile of fallen leaves!


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Corgi in Leaves 18 of 25

    A corgi enjoys a beautiful fall day outdoors.


    Photo Credit: Aine

  • Cat Sleeping in Leaves 19 of 25

    This cat found a great place to take a nap!


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Kitten in Leaves 20 of 25

    A little kitten experiences her first fall.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Bulldog in the Fall 21 of 25

    A bulldog takes in the fall landscape.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Cat in a Leaf Pile 22 of 25

    A pile of raked leaves can be an awesome bed!


    Photo Credit: Kate McDonald

  • Cat Surveys the Fall Landscape 23 of 25

    With the leaves almost gone, this cat can get a great view from above.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Rabbit Posing for Fall 24 of 25

    This bunny is ready for the fall weather.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

  • Hamster is Ready for Fall 25 of 25

    A hamster poses for his fall portrait.


    Photo Credit: Shutterstock 

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