25 Custom Pet Artists To Create Unique Masterpieces Of Your Furry Friends

My love of weird pet-head-human-body portraiture isn’t a new thing, and it went in to overdrive when my Sis-in-law commissioned two killer paintings of her pups last year, but in looking for the coolest way to go about creating an homage to our late pup Madden I discovered that there really are so many crazy talented and unique artists out there just waiting to capture your pets personality for posterity. The results are phenomenal. Now I just have to choose which one I like best.

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  • Ellen Paquet Art 2 of 26

    Immortalize your pet in true Renaissance style. Available via Etsy.

  • Bryce Disoungh 3 of 26

    I think these might be my favorite. Graphite and Digital Gilcee Print via Etsy.

  • Art By Manda 4 of 26

    How great is this modern take on the pet portrait? Available via Etsy.

  • Blue Giraffe Artworks 5 of 26

    Colorful pop art of your favorite pup -- acrylic on canvas, available via Etsy.

  • The Stardust Studios 6 of 26

    Give your pet's portrait a fresh spin with the Glowing Rose custom portrait. Acrylic on canvas, available via Etsy.

  • Heartless Universe 7 of 26

    Your pet (or pets) in classic art. Click through this shop, it's worth a look.

  • Puci Pet Portraits 8 of 26

    Puci will help you choose the look that's right for your Regal Beagle when you order this 16x20 pet in costume custom Oil Painting.

  • Upper Tiny 9 of 26

    At $18 for 36, who doesn't need these quirky, modern stickers of their furbaby?


  • Twinz Z Shop 10 of 26

    Announce your new arrival in a way that will make your pooch proud. Made to order, via Etsy.

  • Dawg Painter 11 of 26

    These colorful custom prints are available via Etsy.

  • Photos 2 Art 12 of 26

    C'mon. C'MON. You need this. Available via Etsy.

  • Gilded Glass 13 of 26

    Celebrate your furry friend on a stunning glass tray. Available via Etsy.

  • Vanessa Boer 14 of 26

    This fun twist on a pet portrait available via Etsy. Acrylic and gouache on wood.

  • Luke Jervis 15 of 26

    My sister-in-law commissioned these portraits of her dogs from Luke Jervis, and they came out fantastic. His stuff is truly awesome.

  • Felt Buddies & Co 16 of 26

    Custom Needlecraft 3-D version of your pet! Available via Etsy.

  • Lord Truffles 17 of 26

    Royal Pet Portrait, Oil on Wood. Available via Etsy.

  • Dandelyne 18 of 26

    Custom needle point of your pet with hoop, available via Etsy.

  • Inspirational Pet Portraits! 19 of 26

    Who couldn't use a little pick me up from fido now and then? Available via Etsy.

  • Lili Diprima 20 of 26

    Get more than one beloved pet in the mix with Lili Diprima's vintage style. Available via Etsy.

  • Square One Studios 21 of 26

    A minimalist twist on the custom pet portrait, available via Etsy.

  • Xina Arts 22 of 26

    Looking for something no one else will have? Get a custom mosaic of your pet from Xina Arts.

  • Whimsy Fine Art 23 of 26

    These fantastic, whimsical, completely unique oil paintings stopped me in my tracks. Check them out, on Etsy.

  • Emily Conlon Art 24 of 26

    This personalized wood slice would make the perfect entry piece. Available via Etsy.

  • Adelle INK 25 of 26

    A hand painted portrait of your pet on a glass christmas ornament would make a great keepsake. Available via Etsy.

  • Pop Doggie 26 of 26

    If you're looking for something a little more modern and casual, Pop Doggie creates colorful custom prints of your pets. Available via Etsy.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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