25 of the Most Hilarious Dog Memes on the Interwebs

coverIn case you wondering, cats do not rule the internet. Or if they do, dogs are closing the gap.

Just to prove my point, I spent hours of grueling research finding all the best dog-themed memes. Then I collected all the funniest ones and put them here in one place for you.

Ready for some fluffy, adorable and hilarious canine memes? Here ya go!


  • The ending is pretty ruff. 1 of 25
    The ending is pretty ruff.
    Especially for a dog.
  • Best sign ever. 2 of 25
    Best sign ever.
    I want to high five the person who made this sign.
  • You tell him. 3 of 25
    You tell him.
    Keep him out of trouble.
  • Accountant dog 4 of 25
    Accountant dog
    It's his busy time of year.
  • Just say no. 5 of 25
    Just say no.
    To feeding your puppies bath salts.
  • Maybe a DNA test? 6 of 25
    Maybe a DNA test?
    Probably a good idea.
  • Wow. 7 of 25
    Pugs are awesome.
  • Meet Hipster Dog 8 of 25
    Meet Hipster Dog
    You probably didn't know there even was a hipster dog.
  • Meet snobby literary dog. 9 of 25
    Meet snobby literary dog.
    Highly superior.
  • Meet lawyer dog. 10 of 25
    Meet lawyer dog.
    He went to Paw School.
  • Castration jokes are the best, 11 of 25
    Castration jokes are the best,
    if you're female.
  • Awesome. 12 of 25
    I also would've taken the picture before getting the dog down.
  • You’re not hard core. 13 of 25
    You're not hard core.
    Unless you pulled a sled.
  • Meet the Ridiculously Photogenic Dog 14 of 25
    Meet the Ridiculously Photogenic Dog
  • Get it? 15 of 25
    Get it?
    Wait for it... You got it.
  • Nice. 16 of 25
  • Scary puppy 17 of 25
    Scary puppy
    He means it.
  • These dogs aren’t even Huskies. 18 of 25
    These dogs aren't even Huskies.
    But they're still cute.
  • I’ll take mine unlicked. 19 of 25
    I'll take mine unlicked.
    Oh. Right...
  • Awwww…. 20 of 25
    That's only cute because I don't have to clean it up.
  • I just fell down from how cute this is. 21 of 25
    I just fell down from how cute this is.
    Golden Retrievers are so sweet!
  • That’s cool, man. 22 of 25
    That's cool, man.
    Who has the treats?
  • I’ve seen that look before. 23 of 25
    I've seen that look before.
    On my kids.
  • Terrifying guard dog, right? 24 of 25
    Terrifying guard dog, right?
    I want to kiss that nose.
  • I love this. 25 of 25
    I love this.
    Dogs on the high end of the scale.

These memes are courtesy of We Know Memes, I Can Has Cheesburger, ZipMeme & Quick Meme.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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