3 Ways to Reduce Your Cat’s Hairballs

hairballIf you have cats, chances are you’ve heard that weird noise they make just before they drop a disgusting, wet hairball on your carpet.

While it’s a disgusting nuisance for us cat parents to have to clean up and listen to, I bet it’s more annoying and upsetting for the sweet cat who is going through the actual process of a hairball regurgitating. It can even go further than just an “annoyance” and turn into a dangerous intestinal blockage issue.

According to WebMD Pets, hairballs are more likely to develop in cats with longer fur and it’s a result of natural grooming — not that something is wrong. While for the most part it’s harmless you’ll want to help out in anyway you can so your cat doesn’t develop any serious issues from over hairballs.

So, how can you help? There are three relatively easy ways you can help reduce hairballs in your cat:

1. Brush often

Since hairballs are a result of your cat’s grooming and their tongues pulling the loose and falling fur off, if you upped your help in their grooming through daily brushing, you’ll reduce their hairballs. Some brushes out there for cats are better at catching the fur than others and for me, we’ve had great luck for our cats with the metal pronged brushes.

Looking for a good hairball brush for your cat? Try Hartz® Groomer’s Best® Slicker Brush for Cats, Kmart, $5.99

2. Use hairball-controlled food

If you have a long-haired cat there is food specialty formulated to have extra fiber and aid in the digestion of hairballs. It also helps the quality of their fur which makes them shed less and therefore minimizing the development of those hairballs.

Looking for a good hairball-controlled food for your cat? Try Adult Hairball Control, Science Diet, $38.99

3. Help them stay well-hydrated

Dehydration is not good for anyone’s system — person or cat and so making sure your cat has adequate water and easy access to more will help their digestion tract and keep both their intestines and fur happier. There are a lot of fun dishes available for cat’s water that will put them in charge of making sure they have access to fresh water.

Looking for a good water dish for your cat?  Try Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain, Amazon, $27.97

If you’re noticing your cat is getting more hairballs than usual — it could just be that they’re getting better at grooming or there could be an issue there. If your cat starts to develop dangerous symptoms that WebMD Pets says includes things  like ongoing vomiting, lethargy, or constipation — you should take them to get checked out at the vet.
Photo credit:  zaimoku_woodpile | Flickr

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