4 Compelling Reasons Fluffy Cats Are the Best

ID-10012698I know it’s not a surprise, but I love cats. There is something about them that brings me a sense of comfort, and I don’t think I will ever live a moment on this Earth without at least one cat in my life — not if I can help it anyway.

I have a special love for certain feature. It’s not their eyes or coat color, but the amount of fluff their fur has. I love long-haired, fluffy, soft, and fuzzy cats, and I think there needs to be more of them in everyone’s lives.

I have one cat now who is short-haired and he is awesome and perfect despite his less-fluffy fur. But I also have one cat, Ariel, who is a fluffy cat with the softest fur ever, and while I am certainly not saying I love one more than the other — there is just something about the fluffy cats that gives them a little bit of an edge over their shorter-haired friends.

1. They make great pillows

Everyone loves a good pillow, right? Well, fluffy cats are like the best pillow ever. Their fur is soft on your face and doesn’t mess up your hair. If you have a cat that you’re close with and you can lay your head for a moment on their side without them batting you with their paw, you have it made. My late cat Puff used to let me use him gently as a pillow, and I miss that so much. While short-haired cats can also be used as a pillow, the less fluff means a little less softness.

2. You get to shout out fun catchphrases

There is something just awesome about shouting a fun catchphrase at your cat like It’s so fluffy!” from the movie Despicable Me — it just always makes me smile. When I see Ariel cleaning her gorgeously fluffy fur, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. There are many fun things you can say about a fluffy cat (I mean, even saying the word “fluffy” is fun) that you can’t quite say for a short-haired cat.

3. Brushing them is therapeuticID-10022760

According to the ASPCA, if you have a cat with long hair, you should make time to brush them every day. While that seems like quite the chore, for me it’s the opposite. It’s an excuse to sit down and cuddle with your cat, and I find it to be quite calming and therapeutic. Sure, short-haired cats need to be brushed as well, but not as often at only once per week.

4. They garner a lot of attention

If you’re looking at images of cats on the internet, and let’s face it — we all do, there are some cats that always seem to get our attention above the others. For me, those cats have very fluffy fur, and I have a feeling they get your attention quickly too. Short-haired cats are absolutely crazy beautiful too, but that fluffy fur does something to all of us and it gets our attention fast.

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