5 Animals That Look Sweet But Could Actually Kill You

Animals are amazing every way we look at it. I’ve been fascinated with all types of animals for as long as I can remember, and the fascination hasn’t ended now that I am an adult. With so many different species, we all have animals that we love and consider our favorites and ones that we are totally, irrationally (and sometimes rationally) afraid of. I happen to be big fans of the penguin and yet want nothing to do with the mountain goats. I’ve never met either in real life (other than seeing them in the zoo), but for some reason that’s what I have as my favorite and feared animals.

Many times the only thing we really know about animals is what we gather by looking at them. Some are scary and huge and others are tiny and cute looking. We’re influenced by their size, color, fur or scales and sometimes that can be really deceiving.

Like these five animals — they look adorable and cute for various reasons, but these guys are actually more dangerous and sometimes deadly than they look.


1. Polar Bear

They’re strong, white, and look fluffy so it’s no wonder we see these bears as cute. Don’t let the fact that they’re often the inspiration for cute stuffed animals because these guys are mean. They’re okay to visit in the zoo when you keep your distance and stay behind the protective glass, but these guys are not ones you’d ever want to encounter in the wild. According to Mail Online, there was even an attack from a polar bear on a BBC camera man (who was in a protective cage) so keep your distance!
Photo credit: the4mahers1997 | Flickr


2. Pufferfish

Right, what kind of fish can be deadly or cute? The Pufferfish fits into both categories because it’s wide-set eyes, awesome scale patterns and the fact that it can puff itself up into an adorable ball — but it could also kill you. According to National Geographic, there is enough toxin in the Pufferfish’s body to kill up to 30 adult humans and there’s no known antidote.
Photo credit: chriswsn | Flickr


3. Slow Loris

Did you squeal when you saw this photo too? I mean, how can you not?! Those eyes and the fingers and cuddly fur make the slow loris one of the most adorable creatures, but do not for one moment let that fool you. The slow loris is actually venomous, and their bite could do some for real harm and not worth staring into their huge eyes.
Photo credit: snowflakegirl | Flickr


4. Elephant

If you’ve seen Dumbo you probably have that vision of the helpless little elephant with the giant ears in your mind when you think of the elephant. If you see one in real life, they’re not too much different and those ears and snout make them totally swoon-worthy. The truth about them is — well, they’re also very large and moody and when you catch them in the wrong mood — watch out. Elephants have been known to attack out of no where and with their size and sudden grump — they can be quite deadly.
Photo credit: Averain | Flickr


5. Panda Bear

They’re big, black and white, and add in their fuzzy fur, the panda bear is one adorable animal. We often see photos, like the one above, of two of them cuddling and playing around, but that’s not a real indication that you should jump in and play too. According to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, these guys are just as deadly and dangerous as other bears and given their size, you don’t want to mess with them.
Photo credit:  D-Stanley | Flickr

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