5 Cats With a Mean Left-Hook

5 Cat With a Mean Left-Hook“Bam! Thwap! Ouch!”

Who knew cats were so good at fighting? If you live in a house with multi-cats I am sure you’ve seen your fair share of the cats fighting.

According to, play fighting is common among cats and even in play it can seem they are being very rough with each other. According to the article, cat play is a normal behavior in cats who are friendly with each other and there’s no need to break it up.

If the cats seem to be real fighting though (characterized by dominant behaviours and screaming), it’s usually a good idea to break it up using a distraction. Unless you know the two cats playing, it can be hard to tell in pictures if they are playing or for real, but I will say that even cats who are not really trying to hurt each other sure can throw a punch!

Click through to see 5 cats who show they have a mean left-hook:

  • Fearless 1 of 5
    A cat shows a dog who's boss here.
    Photo credit: xxnu/ Flickr
  • Right in the Jaw 2 of 5
    Right in the Jaw
    While trying to wind up for a fight, the other cat gets smoked in the jaw.
    Photo credit: Westside Shooter/ Flickr
  • Blocked 3 of 5
    the tabby cat tries to throw a left punch but is deflected.
    Photo credit: Tiger Girl/ Flickr
  • Little Guy Wins 4 of 5
    Little Guy Wins
    Don't let the kitten's small size fool you! He's got no fear.
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Double Punch 5 of 5
    Double Punch
    Orange cat gets double the pain with a right and left hook right to the face.
    Photo credit: jonner/ Flickr

Photo credit: /Flickr


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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