5 Clever Pet Feeders To Slow Down Eager Eaters

My parents’ dog Stealth (the sweetest black lab you’ll ever meet) is one of those dogs that never really figured out he was supposed to chew food. He would just kind of hoover it at every meal time, and y’know, as the old saying goes, what goes in must go out (or is it what goes up must come down? either way) and all the air that was getting sucked down with his food would eventually come shooting out the other end in the most disgusting stench of farting fireworks I’ve ever personally been exposed to. [Go ahead and take a deep breath, and thank your lucky stars for the clean air that surrounds you. It’s precious.]

Anywhoo, you know how that problem was solved? By slowing that scarfer down. We tried everything from a tennis ball in his bowl (he’d take it out) to smaller portions (just meant smaller farts) but finally we discovered giving him a little extra work to do at meal time was just the ticket. Below, five great pet feeders to get your pooch to slow his roll.



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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