5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

 5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat via Babble
Some seemingly harmless foods can cause your cat great upset, and even sickness.

Most cats tend to fall on the finicky side when it comes to food, unlike their uncouth dog counterparts who tend to scarf down anything in sight. It’s this picky behavior that keeps many cats from getting sick, or say barfing up grass leaves from the yard the way my dog does.

However, some cats will eat anything or at least things that aren’t the best for them.  I once had a cat that ate corn muffins. Without invitation, he would sneak into the kitchen, jump up to the counter, and proceed to tear away at the plastic wrap until there were just crumbs left.

He never got sick from it (but soon after we learned he had diabetes, which was why he was so ravenous all the time).

While corn muffins didn’t make the list, there are specific foods that some cats adore which can make them incredibly ill, and some of them seem harmless:

  • Onions and Chives 1 of 5
    File this under the ‘I never knew' category. Cats cannot metabolize the compounds founds in these veggies so even trace amounts from onion powder can cause a cat to become ill.
    Image: Flickr/ zaiko.monster
  • Milk 2 of 5
    We learned this one the hard way. Kittens love milk but when they grow into adulthood, most become lactose intolerant, so you guessed it, diarrhea and pain will ensue if they drink milk.
    Image: Flickr/ rebecca whitney
  • Coffee 3 of 5
    I've yet to have a cat who enjoyed coffee (Although my dog loves it-and will try to sneak a lick. By the way, it also not good for dogs!). Caffeine consumption can lead to an overactive, strung out kitty with an increased heart rate.
    Image: Flickr/ DougBittinger
  • Raw Fish 4 of 5
    Sounds weird, right? Cats love fish more than anything but if it's raw, it could kill them. Dr. over at VetStreet explains why: "There is thiaminase in raw fish that could break down an essential B vitamin called thiamine in cats. Thiamine deficiency can cause neurological problems — and even lead to convulsions."
    Image: Flickr/ ultimcodex
  • Fatty Meat 5 of 5
    Sure, they'll love it but too much is never good. You might think you're treating your cat to a special dinner every night when you cut off the fat from the family's leftovers, but you may be setting him up for a case of pancreatitis.
    Image: Flickr/ kattebelletje


To read the full list of what not to feed your cat, click here.

Source: VetStreet

Image: Flickr/ ultimcode


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