5 Pets That You May Want to Reconsider Buying for Your Kids

5 Pets That You May Want to Reconsider Buying for Your Kids

I have been debating for a while now what we will do when our cats die.

Morbid, right? But the truth is, they are old and as much as I want them to stick around forever, I know that they won’t. Ming Ming is showing signs of ageing (he is 15-years old) and Puppy (the cat) is older than he is.

My kids have been asking for another pet though and our answer so far has been, “not right now”, meaning not until the cats are gone. I don’t want to bring in a new pet, taking attention away from them. Also, I am not sure if we will get more pets for a while.

Nevertheless, I have been thinking about what kind of pet we would add to our household. I want one that is good for our kids and will fit in with our lifestyle. I started to look at the options and found some that are likely off our list forever.

Click through to see 5 pets you may want to reconsider getting for your kids:

  • Chow Chow Dog 1 of 5
    Chow Chow Dog
    You may wonder why this is the dog of choice, but I think that the other more questionable choices would likely be weight in before this breed. The Chow Chow dog looks adorable, but his temperament may not be the best for kids. According to Dog Breed Info, " If you allow this dog to believe they are the boss of your house they will become stubborn, protective and sometimes down right unruly." They are also usually a one-person kind of dog who likes an alpha human and this may not be the best for a house with kids.
    Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.
  • Ferret 2 of 5
    They are cute and kids would flock to them, but they may not be a good idea. Ferrets like to sleep a lot and are most active when your kid is likely asleep. They also like to pee on things to mark their territory.
    Photo credit: Photostock.
  • Hamster 3 of 5
    This is usually one of the first pets for kids, but it may not be the best. They are most active in the middle of the night and like to sleep during the day which doesn't provide a lot of interaction for your kids.
    Photo credit: Photostock.
  • Tarantula 4 of 5
    They would be a 'cool' pet for a kid, but the truth is they bite. Their bite is also venomous and while it may do not much more than hurt, it can be very similar to a bee or wasp sting. and not the best idea for a kid who has an allergy.
    Photo credit: Photostock.
  • Snake 5 of 5
    Other than the fact that they are huge and scary and well, could kill you -- they live a long time. Snakes can live up to 20 years and you have to feed them living animals -- did I mention they could kill you?
    Photo credit: Photostock.

Photo credit: photostock 


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