5 Signs Your Cat’s Actually The One in Charge

catI bet you think you’re in charge of your household don’t you? You have a gorgeous family with a cat, and you think that just because you have a career, pay the bills, cook dinner, keep the house in clean order, and basically make the larger decisions  that you’re the head of the house.

You’re wrong and I’ll tell you why — you have a cat. Cats are and always will be the ones in charge of the house despite you doing all the things necessary to keep the place functional and running. My household is no different and if you’re sitting there thinking, “No way dos my cat run this house,” here are signs you’re totally totally wrong.

1. You don’t need to set your own alarm clock

You have a job that you have to get to on time, but really thanks to your cat you’re never late for work. That may sound like a good thing but the reason you don’t need an alarm is because your cat is in charge, and he’ll wake you up when he wants to. Usually at 5 in the morning wanting food.

2. You know not to sit on that couch cushion

You have a couch you’ve been wanting to get forever, and you’re thrilled it’s finally in your living room. You seem to avoid one particular place on the couch though and that’s because your cat is in charge. He’ll loose his cool if you sit there because it’s his spot.

3. You always buy the expensive cat food

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating ramen noodles for the 2nd week in a row, you’ll never skimp on the brand and quality of your cats food because he’s in charge. You don’t even give it a second thought.

4. You don’t make your own work hours

I work from home and while the flexibility is one amazing perk of this job, there are times where I’ve gotten all set up to get to work and my cat has different ideas. Since he runs this place, when he decides it’s time to pet him, he doesn’t hesitate to crawl right onto my keyboard and tell me work time is over.

5. You can’t ever get comfortable in bed

My late cat Puff would always sleep on top of my pillow and when I got used to it, I loved it. When he passed away a year ago — that spot on my pillow felt so bare, and it was dreadfully sad. As time passed on and I got more used to sleeping without him there, I realized that sleeping with a full pillow is kind of awesome in comfort. While I would still trade that comfort to have him back in my life, that’s not going to happen and I’ve realized now how uncomfortable it actually was to only sleep on part of the pillow. Clearly he was in charge.

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