5 Tips For Running With Your Dog

iStock_000019834463XSmallThere are still times where I wonder about getting a dog for the family. I have this feeling they are amazing for encouraging exercise since they need to be walked and depending on the breed, some like to be quite active.

I know there are many people who love to run with their dogs. I think if I were to ever get a dog (which I hope to someday), I would love to have them as my running partner. Someone who won’t say no to going out and can motivate me to move quicker sounds good to me!

If you’re thinking of starting an exercise routine with your dog, there are some tips you should know before that can give you the best outcome for both you and your dog.

1) Know your breed

Not all dogs like to run and be outdoors so it’s important to know your breed before you head out with them. Some dogs like to run short distances and quickly, while others prefer to go slower, but for longer runs.

2) Check in with the vet

For us, if we wanted to start a new exercise routine, it’s recommended to check in with our doctors first to get a check-in with our health. The same should be done for your dog before you start a new exercise routine with them. Make an appointment with your veterinarian and mention you’d like to start running with your dog. They will advise you on your dog’s specifics and any thing you should know beforehand.

3) Stay hydrated, both of you

We all know that when we exercise, it’s important to stay hydrated. When you’re running with your dog, you can’t forget that they too can become dehydrated. Bring some water for your dog and watch for any signs they may have had too much by watching for the signs outlined on WebMD.

4) Try a hands-free leash

It’s probably best to exercise with your dog using a leash, but you should not tie it around your wrist because that could cause injury. Holding on to the leash may hinder your workout, so try something like a walking utility belt that will leave both your hands free and your dog safely next to you. You can try this one out by¬†Cesar Millan, in conjunction with DOOG for $29.98.

5) Check their paws

You will want to make sure you check your dog’s paws for any injuries that may have happened due to the surface they were walking on. Men’s Fitness recommends paying attention to the surface as well — if there’s any ice, if it may be too hot or watch for any debris.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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