5 Top Dog Products for Aggressive Chewers

Does your dog chew? Back when I had a black lab, Molly, I was constantly trying to find beds that she wouldn’t shred. She wasn’t too hard on toys, but boy could she kill a crate pad! My current dogs, both corgis, are not aggressive chewers, although Ty managed to do a number on Molly’s bed himself when he was a puppy as shown in the picture here.


For owners of dogs that are strong chewers, finding durable toys and bedding can be a challenge. Below are five top products often recommended for any dog that aggressively chews or shreds. Among the toys, the Kong is by far my favorite, not only because it is a durable chew toy, but also because it can be used as a treat dispensing toy. We have multiple Kongs around our house and our dogs are not even strong chewers!

The other items are all good as well, although please note the warning about antlers and the potential for teeth breakage.

(1) Kong


The Kong is the classic dog toy for dogs that shred everything in sight. It is made of thick, durable rubber that is next to impossible to break. If you put dog biscuits in it, the Kong can turn into a brain exercising toy as well. I also like to put yogurt or canned pumpkin in mine and freeze it for the dogs to have as a special treat. Kongs are also bouncy, so dogs that like to toss and chase things tend to like them too.

$15 at Amazon.com 

(2) Antlers


Antlers are popular chews with a lot of dog owners because they do not get consumed as quickly as standard rawhides. My dogs love them. However, and this is quite important, antlers have also been tied to teeth breakage in some dogs. Indeed, my own corgi Ty broke two of his back teeth chewing on an antler. Because of that, I no longer give them to my dogs. They do remain popular though with many dog owners, and I have read many reports of owners not having any problems with them. Ultimately, I say use your best judgment and proceed with caution. If your dog tends to bite down hard on the antler rather than lightly gnawing it, you may want to take it away.

$8.99 at Amazon.com

(3) Nylabone Chews


Nylabones are made of a durable material and are designed specifically for aggressive chewers. I find them to be softer than antlers, making them much more preferable for tooth safety. Unfortunately, however, my corgis don’t care for them that much. Go figure that they really want the the antlers and rawhides that I won’t let them have! My lab Molly loved nylabones though.

$8.99 at Amazon.com

(4) Orvis Tough Chew Beds


Orvis offers a dog bed with guarantee. If your dog chews through it, they will refund your money, no question asked. Seems like a good deal to me! The beds are constructed of an exterior layer of durable 1,000-denier nylon and an inner layer of 840-denier nylon. The guarantee is awesome, but the beds are quite pricey.

$149-$375 at Orvis

(5) K9 Ballistics Beds


K9 Ballistic beds are tough chew resistant beds that get good reviews. They also offer a 90-day chew-proof guarantee good for one replacement cover. That isn’t quite as good as the Orvis guarantee, but the beds are a bit more affordable over all.

 $93-338 at K9 Ballistics


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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