6 Dogs Taking a Risk & Eating Ice Cream

It has been wicked hot lately and it’s not only uncomfortable for us, our pets feel it too.

Us humans have all these foods to help us satisfy the hunger and thirst that surges through us when we’re dealing with excessive heat and humidity. There are some great treats like watermelon, fruit salads, sandwiches and of course, ice cream!

According to Web MD, while it may be tempting to share your cone treat with your furry friend, it can actually be harmful for your dogs. If you know a person who avoids dairy, or perhaps you avoid it because you have lactose intolerance, you may realize what you’re asking for when you share your ice cream treat with your dog.

Some dogs are more intolerant to dairy than others and will experience digestive upset gas, diarrhea or vomiting. In rare cases, dogs can have an allergy to milk proteins just like people and can cause itchiness or respiratory issues.

Some dogs can tolerate a little taste of ice cream here or there and others will need to find a different (non-dairy) treat for the summer. Best to ask your veterinarian on their advice for your specific pup.

There are some dogs who can tolerate a little bit, or “brave” owners who take the risk of their dog’s digestion getting the best of them — check out 6 dogs who are taking the risk and enjoying a taste of ice cream:

  • Sharing 1 of 6
    A sweet dog taking a little lick of his owners ice cream cone.
    Photo credit ewan and donabel on Flickr
  • Just a Small Bit 2 of 6
    Just a Small Bit
    This makes me laugh, he is so enthusiastic!
    Photo credit pmarkham on Flickr
  • Oh, Yes Please 3 of 6
    Oh, Yes Please
    Such a small cone for a big dog.
    Photo credit Brian Hillegas on Flickr
  • I Hope This Doesn’t Bug Me 4 of 6
    I Hope This Doesn't Bug Me
    He is getting his first taste and hoping his stomach behaves.
    Photo credit dryfish on Flickr
  • Greatest Thing 5 of 6
    Greatest Thing
    A person sharing her cone with two pups.
    Photo credit Steward Black on Flickr
  • Just a LIck 6 of 6
    Just a LIck
    He seems hesitant, but he's happy for just a small bit.
    Photo credit Bob B Brown on Flickr

Photo credit: dryfish /Flickr


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