6 Problems that Only Cat Owners Face

ID-10054259Cats are a magical creatures. They have attitude I call it “cattitude” and there is nothing else in the world quite like it. A cat feels like it can order us humans around, we’re here solely to do whatever they wish us to do, and who are we to tell them otherwise?

I have been living with cats my whole life. People who don’t consider themselves to be “cat people” look at me with crazy eyes because I embrace the problems that only cat owners understand.

1. You can’t wear white or black

So what is left? If you’re like me, and you only wear white or black colors in your wardrobe, you’ve noticed that you can’t walk out of the house without being covered in cat hair. They stick to everything too, so there’s no getting rid of it no matter how hard you try. Brushing your cat’s hair can help, but you’ll never be able to get rid of it all.

I suggest you just embrace the cat hair as a fashion accessory.

2.You can’t ever accidentally open a certain cupboard.

There is one cupboard in my kitchen that off-limits except for a few scheduled times during the day. Of course, the cupboard door squeaks so even if I wanted to test the sanity and go open it, I can’t. I would immediately be met by two screaming cats at my feet. If I don’t take their food out of that cupboard immediately, I will get no peace for the rest of the day.

As a cat owner, you’ll always have something that’s off limits unless you’re ready for the relentlessness of cats who are always hungry. Whether it’s the cupboard in the kitchen where you leave the cat food, or the can opener that you use to open it cats always know.

cat13. You can’t work at the computer.

Cats and computer keyboards go together like peanut butter and jelly according to cats. It’s inevitable that the moment you’ve got your computer out (especially a lap top) and you’re on a deadline, you’re going to get a visit from your aggressive cat. Not in a mean way, but they will decide at that moment that you’ve not paid enough attention to them and right now is the only acceptable time to cuddle them. They have no cares that it’s nearly impossible to type with their furry body on your keys.

I think that it’s time for you to get your own little office to get your work done and stop your cat from squatting on your keyboard.

4. You can never have a favorite chair.

I have a spot on the couch that is my favorite place to sit. It’s not uncommon for cats either, but they also tend to like whatever your favorite spot happens to be at the time. It’s a problem for us cat owners because it means that no matter how many times we decide that this new place will be our new favorite place to sit, turn around and your cat has taken over and won’t move for you ever. It’s not worth fighting because we all know that once a cat makes it’s mind, it will take that super important nap. There’s no moving them.

If you’re tired of your cat stealing your spot try to find something they won’t want to give up. Check out these 15 cool pieces of cat furniture and your spot-stealing days may be over.

5. Boxes are hazardous.  cat1

I just bought a new coffee maker since my old one gave up on life and so we’ve had the box sitting around all weekend. There was a time where that box would hang out for a while, providing entertainment for my children, but as cat owners we have to throw all boxes in the recycling as soon as possible.

It’s not because we’re now suddenly a lot better about getting those mundane chores done on time, but the box is a hazard to my kitten and my sanity. Gmork sees the box sitting there and for some reason feels that he must pounce at it no matter how unsteady its surface. Cats cannot resist boxes, even if attacking them sometimes poses a safety issue.

I82JJgl6. Being judged all the time.

If you’ve had a hard day at work where you just couldn’t seem to get anything right and your boss noticed, you probably look forward to heading home in your own space and just relaxing. A safe space where you can sit in your yoga pants eating out of a frozen dinner box and just be the stress-free you.

That’s not possible when you have a cat because they are the world’s biggest judgers and will give you a side-eye look at everything you do.

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