6 Reasons Why Pugs Are Just Awesome

7 Reasons Why Pugs Are AwesomeI have been thinking a lot about getting a dog lately. The chances of it actually happening are pretty close to nil, but I still find myself thinking about it (I am blaming my baby fever).

I grew up always having larger dogs like german shepherd, dalmatians and golden retrievers. My husband had the smaller dogs when he was growing up, so whenever we get into discussion over which type of dog to get — we get stuck on the size of dog.

And then I see the cute faces of the pug and very little else matters and I go all “Must. Have. Pug”. They really are just totally awesome, I have proof.

Click through for 6 reasons why pugs are just totally awesome:

  • They Snore & It’s Cute 1 of 6
    They Snore & It's Cute
    With their tiny noses apparently they don't get enough air and this causes them to snore. You may think that's not a good thing, but it's adorable.
    Photo credit: The Pug Father/ Flickr
  • Say No to That Face, I Dare You 2 of 6
    Say No to That Face, I Dare You
    Their big eyes and that mouth that forms a perfect frown, it's pretty awesome the things they can get us to do for them.
    Photo credit: 0¢/ Flickr
  • They Will Help You Feel Better About Ageing 3 of 6
    They Will Help You Feel Better About Ageing
    Do you see the wrinkles on his forehead? He embraces them and it will help you feel better about your wrinkles.
    Photo credit: Nevada Tumbleweed (Mark Holloway)/ Flickr
  • Let’s Be Honest, They Are Ugly-Cute 4 of 6
    Let's Be Honest, They Are Ugly-Cute
    It's like a wet kitten only worse. If you're like me, you will feel a certain draw to take care of something so ugly it's cute!
    Photo hosted on Imgur . Used with permission
  • They Have a Great Personality 5 of 6
    They Have a Great Personality
    They are happy, energetic, playful, lively and rambunctious.That's pretty awesome.
    Photo hosted on Imgur . Used with permission
  • They Are Rarely Agressive 6 of 6
    They Are Rarely Agressive
    They may try to look tough, but they are little sweethearts. They are loyal and friendly and are sensitive dogs.
    Photo hosted on Imgur. Used with permission

Photo credit: 0¢/ Flickr


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