6 Strange Places I’ve Found My Cats Sleeping

catsThere are times lately where I swear I could sleep anywhere, anytime. I am not getting much sleep at night thanks to the infant phase of parenting and a baby who likes to sleep sporadically and with a lot of help. Between him, work, my house and husband, and my two cats— there really isn’t a lot of time to sleep.

Cats have the luxury to basically sleep whenever they want, and they sure do take advantage of that. According to PetMD, the average cat sleeps 15 hours a day, but sleeping for up to 20 hours in a day is not abnormal for a cat. Could you imagine how awesome that would be?! I mean we’d be as productive as a house cat if we slept that much, but even if we got that once a week — it sounds too good to be true.

Lucky cats!

If your cats are like mine they sure do sleep basically that long or even longer some days. There are times where they’re asleep in their bed that we have for them or on one of the tiers of their cat tree, but most times I find them taking one of their many daily snoozes in the weirdest and strangest places.

1. Under the television

We have our television mounted on the wall and under that is a shelf that holds the AppleTV and our Blu-ray player with extra room on the shelf under. You’d think that if Ariel (or white cat) wanted to sleep there, she’d sleep off to the side a bit but nope! One of her favorite places to sleep is right on top of the blu-ray player. She often has her tail hanging down which means trying to use the remote to change the movie or Netflix choice is not simple.

2. On top of my kids5-

My cats have both gotten a fondness for our new baby. They love all the kids, but I think there’s something about a sweet sleeping newborn that just makes the perfect cuddle partner according to the cats. We’re careful never to leave the two alone, because the cat may not know that the baby’s head is not somewhere to sit or still allow the baby to breathe. Cuddling up next to our 2-month-old Silver is one of their favorites.

3. The top of the fridge

I don’t know why the cats like to jump on to really high places — like what spikes that interest, but recently Gmork (the black cat) has discovered that he can basically fly and hand out on the fridge. I think he likes to sleep up there since the kids can’t reach him, and he can sleep in peace … you know for hours at a time.

4. On the couch

It’s not so much where Gmork likes to sleep on the couch but how he sleeps on the couch. He likes to lay on his back — belly up and legs stretched out as far as he can. He’s got a cute white patch of fur there which is hard not to scratch while he’s sleeping. The little kitten is so active even in his sleep that it’s not unusual to watch him accidentally roll right off the couch too.

4-5. In anything that belongs to the baby

Again, I can only blame it on the sweet baby smell, but the cats love to try to sleep in the baby’s bassinet, car seat, or swing. They don’t get comfortable for too long before they’re booted out (a no cat zone), but that doesn’t stop them from trying time and again. All the baby stuff seems to be the perfect size for cats to try and see if they fit — which they do.

6. Laundry baskets

I don’t get it. I’ll never understand it, and I give up trying to. It doesn’t matter what is in the laundry basket — whether it be clean clothes, dirty clothes, no clothes, or filled with uncomfortable kid toys — the cats will jump in and fall asleep anytime there’s one around.

:: Where is the strangest place you’ve found your cat sleeping? Share in the comments! ::

Photo credits: © Devan McGuinness

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