6 Things that Are Difficult with a Cat Around

ID-100113060My cats make my life much happier, but nothing in life is totally perfect all the time — even my cats.

I don’t want to complain and make a non-cat person out of you, because I don’t think anything is bad enough to make you not consider getting a cat. But there are some things in life that are — honestly — harder to accomplish or contain with a cat in your home, even the best of cats.

Cats have this attitude about them, so maybe they know they’re making your day a little more challenging. I certainly wouldn’t put it past them. Either way, here are some tasks are difficult when cats are around — and it’s pretty universal to all these creatures too.

1. Using your computer

I swear to you, right now I am gently reminding my older three kids to finish their homework, trying to “shushh” my youngest to sleep, and fighting the cat off from walking across my keyboard. I will never understand why cats have this magnet to keyboards, but they do and it’s hard to get any computer work done with a cat around.

2. Having nice curtains

You know when you have young kids and realize there’s little point in having nice things? They’re just going to get wrecked, so it’s easier on your sanity to refrain from buying nice things. Turns out that’s true with cats too, especially when it comes to nice curtains. I just bought some new ones for my living room. I love them because they’re nice and thick and they keep the cold out in the winter and the heat of the sun out in the summer. However, they’re full of little holes left behind by my kitten Gmork. He’s been climbing up them and his sharp claws tear through the fabric.

3. Sleeping in

There are nights where I don’t pull in a lot of sleep. It’s a combination of being a total night owl with too much work to do, a newborn who doesn’t sleep, and not being able to sleep in — thanks to my two cats. It is harder to sleep in past six in the morning with my cats around because well, they seem to think they’re dying and haven’t been fed in forever. You’d think that we starve them, which we definitely do NOT.

4. Wearing white clothes

Whether you have a long-haired, short-haired, white-furred, or color-furred cat — wearing clothes that aren’t covered in fur is challenging. It’s harder to wear black if you have lighter colored cats and impossible to wear white if your cat has any color other than that in their coat. I say embrace it — who doesn’t love a little cat accessorizing anyway?ID-100161645

5. Having an open glass of water or worse, wine

I don’t care where I put the cup of water (or glass of wine) — it could be on the table or on the highest part of the shelf, my cat will find it and knock it over. He even loves to topple over stacked dishes (my bad for not doing to dishes right away, I suppose), lamps in the bedrooms, and nearly anything breakable. I swear he does it just to make me look at him — again.

6. Getting anything productive done

Have you ever sat down to your computer just to check your email and Facebook quickly and then when you look up it’s been like three hours? That happens a lot and I swear it’s because of cats — not on you, but on the Internet. I swear it’s cats that make the Internet run, and we all know that getting anything productive done while online even for just a moment always ends in hours of cat photo and meme viewing.

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