6 Ways Cats Make My Life Better

6 Ways Cats Make My Life BetterYou can already tell from the title that I am a bit of a cat person, can’t you?

There is no sense in hiding it because I will be the first to admit I am a big time cat person. I love them far above any other animal (with the pig being a close second) and I have grown up with at least two in my house at all times.

The time is closing in where I will have to really start facing life with out my cats, they are really old — I have been reflecting on my life with them. Often times I think more about the things they do that annoy me (like, really cat? Another hairball?), but there are some seriously great things they bring to my life as well.

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  • They are Fun to Watch or Look At 1 of 6
    They are Fun to Watch or Look At
    Have you ever just sat and looked at a cat? They have the most fun facial expressions and little weird things they do. I never tire of watching them when they don't know I am watching (ooh, creeper alert!)
    Photo credit: ilkerender/ Flickr
  • They Always Leave Something to the Imagination 2 of 6
    They Always Leave Something to the Imagination
    Just when you think you've figured out your cat you learn something new about them. They are not "jump all in" kind of creatures and I like that about them.
    Photo credit: ihasb33r/ Flickr
  • Their Purr Sound is Relaxing 3 of 6
    Their Purr Sound is Relaxing
    I am lulled by soft and repetitive noises and their purr sound can be quite relaxing.
    Photo credit: MowT/ Flickr
  • They Are Good For My Baby Fever 4 of 6
    They Are Good For My Baby Fever
    Yes, I will cradle my cat like a newborn. I draw the line after baby wearing though. Still, good for that.
    Photo credit: kevin dooley/ Flickr
  • They Like Your Company, For the Most Part 5 of 6
    They Like Your Company, For the Most Part
    I love that cats don't want to be on you at all times. Unlike dogs, the cat likes to have their own space bubble and as a person who likes the same, it's a great fit.
    Photo credit: mararie/ Flickr
  • They Are Affectionate 6 of 6
    They Are Affectionate
    Cats have this unseen sense where they just seem to know when you need a cuddle. They were pretty much the first thing to tell me when I was pregnant because they would not stop sitting on my stomach. I don't think I would be happy without the kitty cuddles.
    Photo credit: INABA Tomoaki/ Flickr

Photo credit:  ilkerender / Flickr


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