7 Best Dog GIFs on the Internet

7 Best Dog GIF's on the InternetIt’s only the start of the week and I am already longing for the weekend. I am not feeling very well, having been struck with the flu for like the 4th time this winter.

I am counting the days where I can sleep a little bit extra and really hoping for spring to hurry up and get here.

On weeks like this I look to the internet to give me something to laugh at. I don’t want it to be mean-spirited or require too much brain power to think about, but I want it to be funny.

When I am looking for something to fit that mold, GIFs are pretty much the only way to go. They’re funnier than pictures, but don’t take up as much time as a video would. There are so many and I am bound to get a good laugh out of it.

Imgur posted a submission that originally came from Buzzfeed which features the 40 best dog gifs and I’ve picked out my 7 favorite from that bunch.

  • Running Water 1 of 7
    Running Water
    He's getting quite the exercise without really going anywhere.
    GIF credit: tinyclicks.
  • Oh Mer Gerd, Cupcakes 2 of 7
    Oh Mer Gerd, Cupcakes
    He's either never seen them before or is in shock that they're all for him.
    GIF credit: 4gifs.
  • Skilled Dog 3 of 7
    Skilled Dog
    I can't even do that ... how is a dog pulling this off??
    GIF credit: 4gifs.
  • Tired Dog 4 of 7
    Tired Dog
    With a helpful cat there to cover his yawn
    GIF credit: picturetoburn.
  • Bird Attack 5 of 7
    Bird Attack
    He had no idea what was coming... it was funny... that bird is not afraid.
    GIF credit: 4gifs.
  • Going for a Walk 6 of 7
    Going for a Walk
    Just a mama out walking her stuffed pug in a stroller, you know, no big deal.
    GIF credit: noodlesonmyback.
  • Dramatic Pug 7 of 7
    Dramatic Pug
    I can't look at this without feeling like I am going to die of laughter.
    GIF credit: Bunnyfood.

For even more of the best dog GIFs, check out Buzzfeed‘s 40 Greatest Dog GIFs

Source: Imgur via Buzzfeed


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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