7 Crazy Animal Laws

7 Crazy Animal Laws

There are many laws out there that call for the protection and care of animals. Of course, there are many more laws that need to be passed to keep animals safe everywhere. New York’s Governor Cuomo recently signed a law into effect which allows local government the control to regulate breeders and pet stores within their immediate locality. It helps prevent puppy mills from monopolizing the industry.

However, some cities and states have some crazy animal laws put into place that do not necessarily protect animals or people.

The folks over at Pet360 gathered up a list of laws that just might leave you shaking your head at the absurdity of it all.

Check out these city and state ordinances (and then you’ll understand why the pup to your left looks so flabbergasted!).

1. Leash Law?

We’re hoping this is a grammar issue. In Belvedere, CA, “Dogs are not allowed in public places without their masters on leashes. (I’m thinking the dogs might really enjoy this one!)

2. Camera Shy

In Alaska, you can shoot and kill a bear, yet it is illegal to wake him up to snap a photo. Now, I understand the idea behind the law because, after all, waking a sleeping bear can produce immediate consequences for all those around. Yet, wouldn’t t be nice if it was also illegal to shoot and kill the poor thing?

3. No Backseat Drivers, Here!

Massachusetts says that gorillas must ride in the front seat of automobiles. While there is no law banning gorillas from traveling in cars, apparently, there is no problem with them riding in one, as long as it’s shotgun.

4. This Is For The Birds, Quite Literally

In Reed City, MI, cat owners may not own birds, which, I suppose makes the birds of Michigan quite happy.

5. Separation Anxiety

Similarly, pet owners in North Carolina must keep their dogs and cats separated since the animals are not allowed to fight. This law would actually affect me if I lived there, because on any given day, my dogs and cats have a good game of run and chase!

6. Hush Up, Pup!

In Foxport, WI, dogs are not allowed to bark or growl, like ever. AND here again, is another place I’d be in trouble because when the opossums and raccoons are out at night, Django lets them have it!

7. No Springtime Photo Shoots

Budding nature photographers may want to stay out of Wyoming, because from January through April, it is illegal to take a picture of a rabbit. Think of all those newborn bunnies you’ll have to pass on!

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