7 Different Animals Who All Love Eating Watermelon

The summer has been here for a while and if where you live is anything like where I live, it’s been hot as hot at your place.

Well, not really hot but humid and that’s worse. Those are the days where no matter how little you  move you’re covered in sweat and it makes the smallest chores seem impossible to do.

One of those impossible chores for me is cooking and eating in the humidity. There is nothing appealing about turning the stove on just to eat something and times like that you need to be creative.

One of my go-to foods for the humidity is watermelon. It’s cold, it’s thirst-quenching and surprising how quickly that stuff will fill you up. It’s the perfect thing and as it seems, we’re not the only ones who think so.

Click through to see 7 different animals who also love eating watermelon:

  • A Bat 1 of 7
    A Bat
    He loves it so much he's hugging it.
    Image hosted on Imgur. Used with their permission
  • Lemur 2 of 7
    Do you think this little guy can eat the whole thing?
    Image hosted on Imgur. Used with their permission
  • House Chicken 3 of 7
    House Chicken
    Hmm, house or food?
    Photo credit Alisha V on Flickr
  • A Dog 4 of 7
    A Dog
    I think he will probably be asking for more.
    Photo credit redjar on Flickr
  • A Cat 5 of 7
    A Cat
    Brave cat to take on a half a watermelon.
    Photo credit pdxjasmine on Flickr
  • A Parrot 6 of 7
    A Parrot
    I had no idea parrots liked watermelon. At least this little guy seems to.
    Photo credit procsilas on Flickr
  • A Rabbit 7 of 7
    A Rabbit
    Someone seems more interested in the green part than the red.
    Photo credit [nivs] on Flickr

Photo credit: procsilas /Flickr


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