7 Dogs Who Love Penguins as Much as I Do

If you were to ask me about my favorite animal, I would answer without hesitation penguins. If you were to ask me why the penguin, I would not have an answer for you. Is that weird? I don’t know, but I do know that penguins, cats, and the hippopotamus make me smile. In that order!

As it turns out, it’s not only a popular animal for happy people like me dogs also love this little aquatic bird too. Since it’s not common to see a penguin and a dog together in the flesh, dogs go for the next best thing. Here they are with their penguin stuffed animals and penguin squeaky toys!

  • Dogs and Their Penguins 1 of 8

    It's clear these dogs love their buddies just as much as I love real-life penguins. 

  • Longtime Friends 2 of 8

    He can't go to sleep without him, so don't even make him try.

    Photo credit: Marcus Povey| Flickr

  • Friends for Life 3 of 8

    You can tell these two have been friends for a long time. You can see how much the penguin means to him too, just look at how tightly he is holding on to it. 


    Photo credit: moria| Flickr

  • New Friends 4 of 8

    It seems like these two are new friends who are clearly going to get along forever. I think the adorable dog looks like the cute penguin, don't you?


    Photo credit: 1corey| Flickr

  • Best Gift Ever 5 of 8

    It may look like some random Christmas time pick, but to this guy? He's everything, not just the best gift that he's ever received.


    Photo credit: ruffelstiltskin| Flickr

  • Tuckered Out 6 of 8

    I bet these two had so much fun today, look at how worn out they are! You can see how much that penguin is loved.


    Photo credit: AmateurArtGuy| Flickr

  • So Proud 7 of 8

    I love when dogs are so happy and all they can think to do is share that happiness with you. That's clearly what this dog is doing here he wants to share his penguin happy with you.

    Photo credit: bokeh burger| Flickr

  • All I Have 8 of 8

    There is something about this puppy's eyes that make me a little sad. All that is making me feel better about this photo is that he has his favorite, trusty penguin friend right there beside him.

    Photo credit: wharman| Flickr

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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