7 Quietest Dog Breeds

There are times where I really consider getting a dog. They’re great companions and just so happy all the time (well, usually) and my kids have been really asking for one.

Then, in the next moment I can hear the neighbor dogs barking and it drives me crazy. Dogs are so much louder than cats who only seem to make noise when you’re taking too long to pet them or get them food.

I don’t really care for noise. I have enough with three kids running around me (they’re currently fighting with light sabers in front of me) and we have a newborn on the way at the end of the year. Adding a dog would compound that noise and we’re already at max, but that may not be the case!

VetStreet shared a post that features the quietest dog breeds — yes quiet dogs! I think if we do ever really really consider adding a dog to our noisy family, we will be picking one of these breeds.

  • 7 Quietest Dog Breeds 1 of 8

    If you want a dog, but don't want the noise often associated, you may want to consider one of these breeds that are known to be quiet. 

  • Bernese Mountain Dog 2 of 8

    Another larger dog with a sweet and quiet personality, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a very tranquil temperament.

  • Mastiff 3 of 8

    This is another breed I have been looking at for our family. I am a fan of the larger dogs and it turns out, this one is know for his quiet nature too.

  • Whippet 4 of 8

    This dog looks a lot like a Greyhound with it's sleek and muscular body. He is also very cuddly and quiet -- bonus!

  • Italian Greyhound 5 of 8

    A smaller dog that is also quiet, this breed is intelligent and quiet. You may have to work hard at house-training though, which may be a downside to some potential dog families.

  • Great Pyrenees 6 of 8

    Another big dog who has a kind and gentle heart. He is strong-willed and VetStreet suggests that good training is key.

  • Newfoundland 7 of 8

    I have been wanting one of these dogs FOREVER and seeing that it's one of the quietest dogs, it make me so happy.

  • Great Dane 8 of 8

    If you want the ultimate in quiet, the great dane dog is the one for you. They're friendly, calm and oh so quiet.

For more dog breeds that are known to be quiet, check out Vetstreet!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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