7 Rules for Non-Cat Owners Who Visit My Place and Complain

7 Rules for Non-Cat Owners Who Visit My Place and ComplainI don’t remember a time where I didn’t have a cat in our family. Since I was very little we have pretty much always had 2 cats in the family and my two cats have been mine since I was 15 years old.

They are a big part of our family. I have known them longer than my husband, my kids and nearly everyone else in my life. While they are old and I have to start thinking about it, I can’t really imagine life without them in it (but, that day is coming). Puppy and Ming-Ming are my constant companions and I love them as a family member.

It can be hard to understand the love a person has for a pet if you don’t have one yourself. It may seem like it’s just a cat to someone who doesn’t have cats, and while I can respect that you may not be a “cat person”, there are some pretty hard rules you must understand if you come over to my house and don’t like cats.

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  • This is Their House 1 of 7
    This is Their House
    They live here, you are visiting. Respect them as you would going to anyone's house.
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  • I Will Not Hide Them 2 of 7
    I Will Not Hide Them
    Again, this is their house and asking me to put them somewhere else would be like me asking you to put your kids away because they bug me.
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  • Don’t Want Fur? 3 of 7
    Don't Want Fur?
    Don't want fur all over you, don't sit on my couch or bring a lint brush with you. It's a part of life as a pet owner and while I do clean, it's not really possible to get it all out.
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  • Allergies? 4 of 7
    If you have allergies, take an allergy pill before you come over and don't complain about it when you're here. It's no secret I have cats.
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  • Not “Just a Cat” 5 of 7
    Not "Just a Cat"
    Ok, I get that you don't get it and don't like cats, but it's not "just a cat" to us, they're family so treat them that way.
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  • That’s His Spot 6 of 7
    That's His Spot
    if my cat is sitting on the couch or a chair, don't push or pick him up and take his seat. He was there first and I will do it back to you.
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  • He’s Better Than You 7 of 7
    He's Better Than You
    Just face that fact because it is one. Cats are so much better than people.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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