7 Signs You’re A Proud Dog Lover

7 Signs You're A Proud Dog Lover via BabbleForget those bumper stickers that say “I love my Lab” because anyone can buy one of those and stick it on their back windshield. (OK, I admit, I have one!) Still, it is the small, almost invisible measures of love that really show just how much you care about your dog. Dog lovers naturally know them, live them and do them.

When it comes to sharing your life with a dog, it’s certainly not about the fanciest leash or dog obedience class: in the end, it all comes down to love.

Think you are one proud dog lover? Here are 7 ways to recognize a fellow cohort: 

  • Supermarket Sweep 1 of 7
    Supermarket Sweep
    You've been known to make midnight runs for tomorrow's doggie breakfast.
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  • Hairy Situation 2 of 7
    Hairy Situation
    You tend to have a one or two (ok maybe 5 or 10) strands of fur attached to your bottom cuff or sweater sleeve most of the time.
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  • Hairy Situation (Part Deux) 3 of 7
    Hairy Situation (Part Deux)
    While eating you have been known to find a stray hair, recognize it and say, "Oh that's just (insert pooch's name here) and continue eating. I confess, about 7pm last night, I picked a thin black hair out of my salad, and said, "Oh, that's just Django" as I slopped up another forkful. Person's hair? Gross! My pup's hair? No big deal.
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  • Sick Day 4 of 7
    Sick Day
    Not for you, but your dog. When you call and feign coughing, while relating to your boss the sudden headcold you came down with, you secretly confess to your friend, co-worker, and fellow dog lover, that your pup is throwing up profusely and you are on your way to the vet. She not only covers for you but texts you later to see how you and your pup are doing.
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  • Relationship Dealbreaker 5 of 7
    Relationship Dealbreaker
    If your newly beloved doesn't like dogs or your dog in general, hasta la vista baby. And don't let my pup bite you on the way out.
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  • Talking To Myself 6 of 7
    Talking To Myself
    So the neighbors know you live by yourself, but hear you talking all day. Duh, if they know you, they know you are talking to your dog, AKA your muse and best pal.
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  • Company Rules 7 of 7
    Company Rules
    If you're visiting me, it's nice if you say hello to my dog. If you don't, that's OK, (though I'll mentally take note). However, if you yell, scream or shoosh my pup away, you'll not be asked back.
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