7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Kitten

Things to Consider Before Buying a Kitten
When I was a little girl, I had always wanted to find a kitten with a gorgeous bow as a gift for me — for my birthday or Christmas. I’ve grown up with cats around me all my life, but there was something about having a cat that was “mine” that really appealed to me. When I got my 2 cats I could call my own, I felt in love with cats even more.

My kids are asking for a kitten for Christmas this year. Though we have 2 cats already, the kids haven’t really bonded with them since they’re quite old and set in their ways (read: too snobby to play with the kids). I would love for my kids to one day have their own cat and the relationship with him that I have to my 2 cats, but there are a lot of things that really need to be thought of before you add that new member to your family.

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  • Lifespan 1 of 7
    Cats can live a long time, especially when indoors most of their life. My cats are going on 17 years old and are still in great health -- I imagine they will still be around for a few years. It's a big time commitment!
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  • Breed Temperament 2 of 7
    Just like with dogs, different cats have different temperaments and health concerns you need to take into consideration. Weigh the pros and cons of each breed and how their typical attitude will fit with your family.
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  • Older Cat vs Kitten 3 of 7
    If you're really wanting a cat, you may want to consider adopting an older cat. There are a lot who need homes and if something like lifespan or cost is an issue, it may be a good thing to look at.
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  • Cost 4 of 7
    Pets are not cheap and while keeping a cat is not as expensive as a dog, you will want to make sure you have enough funds to take care of your loved cat before making the commitment.
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  • A Friend? 5 of 7
    I believe it and a lot of vets and cat experts say the same thing -- cats are happier in pairs. If you're thinking about getting a cat, you may want to weigh the idea of getting a companion for your kitten.
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  • Where You Live 6 of 7
    Before getting a cat you will want to take a close look at where you live. Are there restrictions on animals in the place you're living? Certain restrictions on how many pets you can keep? Do you have windows that your cat can look out of? All these things are important in the decision process.
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  • Lifestyle 7 of 7
    Cats love to be on their own, but they also need love too. Take a look at your lifestyle to see if you have the time and patience, for a cat is a big decision. Will you be home to cuddle or out late at work most nights? Are you more interested in a pet that you can take with you outdoors like a dog or are there any allergy issues you need to know about? Take a close look before getting a cat, it could save a lot of issues down the road.
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