7 Tips to Help Rid Your House of Pet Hair

ID-100173509One of the best things about my two cats is how fluffy they are. Their fur is soft and cuddly and makes the best pillow when I need to rest my head. On the other side, one of the worst things about owning a pet is all that pet hair that gets on to everything.

I don’t think it’s a good enough reason to not have a fluffy pet in your life, but just be smart about it. If you know that you’re not going to want to deal with a lot of renegade pet hair, choose a pet or a specific breed that is less-likely to shed.

If you embrace the pet hair as a part of life with a pet — there are still some ways you can help rid your clothes and your house of pet hair and keep the fur at bay.

1. Prevention — brushing dog

One of the best ways of helping to get rid of the pet hair in your house is to prevent it from getting over all the things in the first place. You can do this by brushing your pet — more often for longer haired pets. Using a brush that’s good at catching the pet hair, you won’t have to deal with it when it’s already become a problem.

Try out the FURemover Deluxe Brush (PetSmart, $35.69-$65.44) which comes in various sizes and uses metal bristles to pull out the hair that’s shedding and holds on to it.

2. Sweeping cloths + vacuum 

Have you ever tried to vacuum something up only to see it blow all over the floor? That can happen when you’re vacuuming up large amounts of free-floating pet hair as well (that’s not trapped in fabric). Use a special sweeping cloth broom that uses static electricity as a way to attract and stick to the pet hair, this way you won’t just be blowing it all back into the air. There are a few products you can try including the Swiffer Sweeper Dry, $10.99.

There are a few vacuums on the market that are specifically designed to get rid of pet hair as well if that’s more your thing verses using a dry mop. If you have a pet that sheds a lot or you know you won’t be as apt to brush as often as you’d need — you should think about getting one of those vacuums. Try out the Animal Upright Vacuum by Dyson, $499.99-649.99.

cat13. Vinegar for laundry

Vinegar is one of those products that seems to do every thing we need it to do in order to keep things clean. When it comes to eliminating pet hair, vinegar is at the rescue again. If you find you have a lot of pet hair on your clothes, try adding vinegar to your next wash cycle.

Want tips on how to use vinegar as a pet hair remover for your clothes — check out the how-to on

4. Use a static spray

Pet hair likes to cling to everything and in this case, it’s ability to cling to static is a bonus for anyone trying to get rid of the left over hairs. If you’re wanting to keep your clothes, carpet, or couch free of pet hair — spray a generous amount of Static Guard and you’ll be set.

Static Guard can also be useful in your own beauty routine to keep your hair free from the cling as well. 

5. Tape roller

If you’re looking for a quick in the moment kind of pet hair remover, all you need is some tape! Take the sticky side and pat it over your furniture, carpet, or clothes and the fur will lift right up and stick to it. There are other products available that use the same sticky idea in removing pet hair using products made out of a certain type of plastic that’s a better option if you’re tired of using all that tape.

6. Prevention — specialized shampoo

If you’re looking to help your dog or cat shed less and thus preventing the amount of hair all over your stuff — their shampoo is a great place to start. There are many specialized pet shampoos that are designed to help reduce the amount of shedding your pet does. It’s not only a handy thing if you’re allergic to the dander or hair — but the laundry and your furniture will thank you too.

Looking for a shed-less shampoo — check out an oatmeal-based shampoo like Dr. Foster and Smith Advanced Formula Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner, $4.99

7. Use a balloon cat

You know how I said static is your friend when you’re trying to remove pet hair? Balloons are a great way to generate static electricity and release the pet hair off what ever it is you’re trying to get clean. Let’s say you have a cat fur covered chair — take an aired-up balloon and rub it all over that chair and watch the fur lift up and cling to the balloon. It’s like a fun science experimenter that will also rid your chair from all that pet fur!

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