7 Ways My Cat Is Just Like A Toddler & One Way They Differ

My two cats have been my babies since I was 15 years old. I have known them and loved them before my husband and they were both around as we transitioned into parents and they have supported me through all of it. They are always there and never have any big surprised up their sleeve — I pretty much know their personalities and qualities as much as anyone can know their pets. Cat’s don’t really change.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I noticed a surprising similarity between my cats and my children. Cats seem to be stuck in the ‘toddler stage’ of life — except with a lot more attitude and they closely resemble my youngest child — who is SO in that toddler stage. I never noticed it before, but I can see it all so clearly now. The similarities are actually pretty funny and I am sure they won’t ever grow out of it. I did notice one big way they differ though — and it’s a big one.

Click through to blow your mind with the 7 ways cats are just like toddlers and one big way they differ:

  • They Stare 1 of 8
    They Stare
    My Toddler: When she is hungry she will ask for food, then stare at me until she gets it.
    My Cat: When he is hungry he will scream at me, then stare up with his eye until he's fed.
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  • They Climb 2 of 8
    They Climb
    My Toddler: Loves to get into trouble and will climb everything and anything.
    My Cat: Likes to climb and perch himself at the top of the largest bookcase.
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  • They Demand 3 of 8
    They Demand
    My Toddler: When she wants to cuddle, she means NOW. Climbs into my arms and demands the attention.
    My Cat: Cuddly only when convenient to them, when they want it -- they want it. My cats climb right onto my lap or sits on my computer keyboard.
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  • They (Don’t) Groom 4 of 8
    They (Don't) Groom
    My Toddler: Has crazy hair and she seems to prefer it that way. She won't sit still long enough for me to brush it.
    My Cat: Both have long hair and while they do a great job grooming themselves, they hate to be brushed!
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  • They Have Short Memories 5 of 8
    They Have Short Memories
    My Toddler: When she gets irritated she never stays mad for too long. Usually until she wants more food or for me to play Barbie for the rest of the day.
    My Cat: Has great attitude. If i've done something to upset him, he will let me know. He never stays mad for too long because he likes to eat.
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  • They Steal 6 of 8
    They Steal
    My Toddler: Likes to steal food, right off my plate.
    My Cat: Likes to steal food, right off my plate!
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  • They Kill? 7 of 8
    They Kill?
    My Toddler: Is small and seems to have this thing for walking right under me, making me do this crazy dance-thing just so I don't trip on her.
    My Cat: I am kind of convinced they do this for fun, but my cats love to appear out of no where at the speed of light, right into my walking path.
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  • One Way They Differ 8 of 8
    One Way They Differ
    My Toddler: Thinks she's a cat.
    My Cat: Thinks he's my child.
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:: Have you noticed any surprising similarities? ::


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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