7 Ways to Wear Rabbits, Just in Time for Easter

When I was growing up, we had a few bunnies who came in and out of our life. I have always been a fan of them because they’re small, quite and soft like cats.

I feel like rabbits don’t get all the love they deserve. They are great house pets, but people’s minds always seem to go straight to the dog or cat. Except during this time of year — when Easter holiday is just around the corner. That’s when people think about rabbits and bunnies and while I have no idea how or why rabbits are the animal moniker for this holiday, there is no doubt they are.

So, in the spirit of Easter and because I love rabbits, I have rounded up a collection of fun ways to show your love and support of the bunny (without having to eat one):

  • Ways to Wear Rabbits 1 of 8
    Ways to Wear Rabbits
    Because Easter is on the way, you may want to check out these awesome ways to work the bunny into your fashion.
  • Bunny Earrings 2 of 8
    Bunny Earrings
    They're not real diamonds, but no one will know.
    Get it for yourself from EzLuxe, $ 19.95
  • Rabbit Handbag/Pillbox 3 of 8
    Rabbit Handbag/Pillbox
    I mean, if you have a lot of money to spend and don't know what to get ... I guess this would be good. Didn't Big give this to Carrie on Sex in the City?
    Get it for yourself from Neiman Marcus, $695
  • Rabbit Patch Tights 4 of 8
    Rabbit Patch Tights
    A cute and fun way to incorporate the bunny without it being too overwhelming.
    Learn how to make them yourself from Sweet Athena
  • Rabbit Print Dress 5 of 8
    Rabbit Print Dress
    From far away, this dress just looks like any ol' pattern. When you get close up, you see it's actually rabbits.
    Get it for yourself from Lyst, $43
  • Bunny Geek Shirt 6 of 8
    Bunny Geek Shirt
    This t-shirt is simple, yet totally awesome. Bunnies in glasses = gold.
    Get it for yourself from Zazzle, $30.65
  • Bunny Hat 7 of 8
    Bunny Hat
    Keep your head warm and show off your love for the rabbit.
    Get it for yourself from Einav Hats/Etsy, $21
  • Rabbit Print Scarf 8 of 8
    Rabbit Print Scarf
    Another small print that looks great from far away and amazing up close.
    Get it for yourself from polyvore, $21


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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