8 Bald Animals Who Look Terrifying Without Hair

There are some things in life that, after time, you just start to expect.

Cats with attitude, birds who never stop chirping, dogs who’s hair gets all over your clothes and pigs will forever and always be cute. When you think about these animals, not only does their personalities come to mind, but certain traits you expect to see when you picture a dog or cat for example. When it comes to cats, I prefer the fluffy, over-haired cats because I just find them irresistibly adorable. There are many other animals who are loved for their fur, but as it turns out — there are many animals who are also bald and it’s terrifying.

Whether it be due to the particular breed, a genetic mutation or an unknown cause — these 8 bald animals are completely terrifying without hair.

  • Terrifying and Bald 1 of 9
    Terrifying and Bald
    There are just some animals that should have hair and other animals that look okay hairless. Here is a list of 8 animals who just look terrifying without hair, natural or otherwise.
  • Hairless Cat 2 of 9
    Hairless Cat
    When it comes to cats, for me, the fluffier the better. This breed of cat does not have fur and just looks scary to me!
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Hairless Dog 3 of 9
    Hairless Dog
    When you want to cuddle in bed with your dog, you appreciate that they can keep you warm. This dog breed is nearly totally bald and well, freaky.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Bald Squirrel 4 of 9
    Bald Squirrel
    Bald squirrels are not natural, but sometimes it does happen and when it does, it's just plain scary!
    Check out the bald squirrel on DailyMail.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Bald Chimp 5 of 9
    Bald Chimp
    They have short, black hair that makes them look more cute than scary. But, when you come across chimp with alopecia, it's totally scary.
    Check out the picture of the bald chimp on DailyMail.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Bald Hedgehog 6 of 9
    Bald Hedgehog
    The sad truth is sometimes, hedgehogs lose their prickles. It's terrifying and strange, to see them completely spike-bald.
    Check out the bald headgehog on BBC.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Bald Bear 7 of 9
    Bald Bear
    There was a bear in the zoo that, for some reason not know, just started to lose it's hair and the result was freaky!
    Go check out the hairless bear on National Geographic.
    Photo credit: photostock.
  • Hairless Rat 8 of 9
    Hairless Rat
    I don't like rats and I especially don't like hairless ones!
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.
  • Skinny Pigs 9 of 9
    Skinny Pigs
    I love pigs because they're pretty near hairless, but guinea pigs -- or skinny pigs -- without hair is completely strange!
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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