8 Cats Who Are Probably Feeling a Bit Under-Dressed

8 Cats Who Are Probably Feeling a Bit Under-DressedI am all for trying new looks out and right now I am in a debate over my own hair. You see, over 5 years ago I used to have super long hair (I am talking nearly to my hips hair) and I cut it all off (well, not all but 14 inches or so) and have been working the chin/shoulder length hair since. I am itching for a change though and am debating letting my hair grow — for some reason it’s not been an easy decision, but one I can make on my own.

Sometimes, our pets get the itch to try a new look. Well, to be fair it’s usually the human who decides or maybe grooming and health issues are the deciding factor. Cats with long hair are adorable and fluffy and cute, but with that can bring some issues with all that hair. That can mean a need for a shave for the summer or to regrow healthier hair, or that human I mentioned earlier gets the idea to try the newest “my cat looks like a lion” hairdo. Either way — whether for vainty or health reasons, I can’t help but feel that these once-fluffy cats are feeling a bit under-dressed these days.

Click through to see 8 cats who are probably feeling a bit under-dressed:

  • Ashamed 1 of 8
    He is either not too fond of his new look or he's cold.
    Photo credit Listener42 / Flickr
  • Working It 2 of 8
    Working It
    This guy has a cool shaved look going for him. Looks good on him.
    Photo credit jon_a_ross / Flickr
  • For Meds 3 of 8
    For Meds
    This gorgeous cat as diabetes and needs a daily needle. The shaved spot makes it easier on everyone.
    Photo credit Mel B. / Flickr
  • Fluffy Problems 4 of 8
    Fluffy Problems
    Long haired cats sometimes are shaved to help keep cool or to prevent hair mats from taking over.
    Photo credit upton / Flickr
  • Lion or Cat 5 of 8
    Lion or Cat
    Some people are all about shaving pets to look like other animals, like a lion cat!
    Photo credit Chris Winters / Flickr
  • Not Impressed 6 of 8
    Not Impressed
    Well, at least they left your fluffy tail, buddy.
    Photo credit Mark.Pilgrim / Flickr
  • Neat Look, Cat 7 of 8
    Neat Look, Cat
    Another maybe lion look or just trying a new style... I guess.
    Photo credit tsakshaug / Flickr
  • Cat ‘N Boots 8 of 8
    Cat 'N Boots
    Little kitty, big head and fluffy feet boots = cute.
    Photo credit katwalk photos / Flickr

Photo credit:  katwalk photos / Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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