8 Dogs Showing Off Their Amazing Dance Skills

Would you like to learn something new about me? Okay then, I’ll tell you a little secret —  I am terrible at dancing. It’s true. Like no rhythm at all and two left feet. And while I love listening to music and I may show off my dance moves in the safety of my own home, there’s no way I would share my moves (or lack there of) with the world. Let’s just say that I will never be a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance.

Turns out, people aren’t the only ones who are good at dancing! There are a lot of very talented animals out there too.

Just check out these photos of dogs who can not only dance better than myself (not very difficult), but have an amazing time showing off their 1-2 step!

  • Dancing Doggies 1 of 9

    Check out these patented pup dance moves — they're awesome!

  • It’s Time To Get Things Started 2 of 9

    They're putting on a show in the middle of the street and everyone is stopping to watch because it's a combination of beauty, love, and true talent.

    Photo credit: SteamboatDigs/Flickr

  • You Spin Me Right-Round, Baby 3 of 9

    He loves to be the center of attention — can't you tell? There's no doubt he is going to steal the spotlight at this party tonight!

    Photo credit: basykes/Flickr

  • Strangers in The Night, Exchanging Glances 4 of 9

    They just met today. But once they saw each other, they knew. They would make amazing dance partners. Look, they were so right! Now they can't stop dancing cheek to cheek.

    Photo credit: BruceTurner/Flickr

  • It Takes Two to Tango 5 of 9

    They haven't been dance partners for that long, but you can see that their connection is real. They will be the up and comer's at all of this year's dance competitions.

    Photo credit: Elsie esq./Flickr

  • She’s the One 6 of 9

    Look at these two, putting on the show after all their years of dance classes. Clearly it was money very well spent.

    Photo credit: codersquid/Flickr

  • All You Need is Love 7 of 9

    It doesn't matter how cold it is outside the love and fire from their dancing is enough to keep anyone warm.

    Photo credit: Яick Harris/Flickr

  • You’re the One that I Want 8 of 9

    When you find your dance partner in life, there's no need to keep looking around. You can stop and listen to the music. These dogs have clearly found the ying to their yang.

    Photo credit: CountMcVamp/Flickr

  • Is It Me You’re Looking For? 9 of 9

    I think the fluffy white tail is the perfect accessory to accompany his dance talent. Who do you think is the one he's trying to woo?

    Photo credit: Jeff Sandquist/Flickr

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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