8 Favorite Famous Movie Dogs

8 Favorite Famous Movie DogsI have been thinking a lot about getting a dog lately. My kids really want one and both my husband and I grew up with dogs so it may happen… one day.

I have the two cats still and I don’t think introducing another animal in the family would be a good idea for them at this point. They’re old and don’t like change so we’re not going to force such a big transition on them.

I have a feeling we will wait for a dog until our kids are older and we’re done bringing new kids in. So in the meantime, I am getting my dog-love fix through movies.

There are a lot of movies that feature dogs, star dogs, or who have dogs steal the show. I have some for sure favorite famous movie dogs from one television show and 7 movies.

Click through to see my 8 famous movie (or TV) dogs:

  • Lassie 1 of 8
    One of the most popular dogs in history, according to me anyway. Made famous from the tv show that ran for 20 years, this made us all fall in love with collie dogs.
    Photo via IMDB
  • Marley & me 2 of 8
    Marley & me
    Who doesn't love a dog who never loses his love for life? Marley steals the show and our hearts in this movie.
    Photo via IMDB
  • 101 Dalmatians 3 of 8
    101 Dalmatians
    There isn't one doggie star of this movie but 101 of them. Dalmatians have been a big favorite of mine since I grew up with one that I adored. According to IMBD, 230 dalmatians puppies were used in the film.
    Photo and source via IMDB
  • Beethoven 4 of 8
    St Bernard dogs are just so adorable and on the list of dogs I am considering getting. Beethoven is the total star of this movie and it was easy to fall in love with him.
    Photo via IMDB
  • The Wizard of Oz 5 of 8
    The Wizard of Oz
    Oh, Toto one of the first movie dogs I fell in love with. He is so cute and loyal and did I mention cute?
    Photo via IMDB
  • The Mask 6 of 8
    The Mask
    A fireball Jack Russell Terrier is one of the stars of this movie. A favorite part is of course, when he wears the mask.
    Photo via IMDB
  • The Adventures of Milo and Otis 7 of 8
    The Adventures of Milo and Otis
    One of my favorite movies growing up, the lovable dog Otis who cared so deeply for his kitten friend Milo is just too cute.
    Photo via IMDB
  • Air Bud 8 of 8
    Air Bud
    I had a golden retriever growing up and so of course I am in love with the star of Air Bud, Buddy!
    Photo via IMDB

Photo adapted from photo hosted onĀ Imgur Gallery

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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