8 Great Grain Free Dog Treats

I went grain free with my dogs awhile back. It started when Eve began having regular gastrointestinal distress and, after learning about the benefits of a grain free diet, I switched her to grain free premium food to try to alleviate it. That helped, but over time, she continued to have issues. So we also switched to grain free treats and a grain free prescription dog food.

Since we switched food a second time, added some supplements, and started avoiding grain free treats, things have been much better. In the process, I found several new treat brands.

Whether you feed your dogs an entirely grain free diet or not, these 8 treats are sure to please the pooches.

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    Because even the pups deserve a treat from time to time!

  • Dr. Becker’s Solutions 2 of 9

    Dr. Becker's Solutions are my absolute favorite treats, and the dogs completely go nuts for them. These treats are made with a single human grade protein. That's it in terms of the main ingredient!  And therefore, they're highly digestible. The Solutions formulas also add some natural supplements for specific problems. For example, the GI treats include slippery elm to soothe, while the stress treats include calming agents. (When we had strong storms last week, I gave Eve extra stress treats.) The treats have the consistency of a thin potato chip and my dogs adore them! They think these are the best treats on the planet, and I do too.

  • Dr. Becker’s Bites 3 of 9

    Dr. Becker's Bites are similar to the Solutions treats except they do not include the supplemental items. These are great all-around treats. They have that crunch that the dogs go nuts over. If your dog loves thin crunchy items, you must absolutely try these.

  • Nature’s Variety Instinct 4 of 9
    Instinct sent me some Nature's Variety Instinct Grain Free Treats for my dogs to try. These happen to be turkey and pumpkin. I like the pumpkin in treats because they include added fiber, which always seems to agree well with Eve's tummy. One interesting thing that I noticed about these treats is that they smell terrific. Kind of like a pumpkin and gingerbread cookie. I was seriously tempted to taste one myself! I didn't obviously, but the dogs certainly enjoyed them.

  • Natural Balance 5 of 9

    I've previously fed my dogs Natural Balance Limited Ingredient food. So, I also picked up some of their Limited Ingredient Treats in Sweet Potato and Fish.  These treats use sweet potato instead of grain for the carbohydrate-base. The fish is also great for skin and coat health. It certainly doesn't hurt that the dogs happen to love them!   

  • Wellness Bars 6 of 9

    Wellness Wellbars are vegetarian, grain free treats with a focus on fruits and yogurt. Fruits and veggies add to your dog's nutritional health and provide carbs without resorting to grain. I did find, however, that for some reason the banana did not agree with Eve's tummy. Although Ty loves banana treats and he is still allowed to have them from time to time.

  • Fromm Grain Free Treats 7 of 9

    Who doesn't love cheese? These baked cheese snacks for dogs were an absolute hit. Beyond that, the Fromm Grain Free Parmesan Cheese Treats are also made in the USA.  Fromm also makes a number of other grain free blends, including ingredients like lamb and cranberry.   

  • Blue Buffalo 8 of 9

    Way back when I was researching grain free food for my dogs, Blue Buffalo came up repeatedly as a top brand.  I ended up going with Natural Balance, but Blue Buffalo Duck Dog Biscuits make a for a good side treat. For dogs who are sensitive to poultry, these treats are made with duck instead. They also contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to keep your dog's skin and coat looking shiny.

  • Plato EOS 9 of 9

    The Plato EOS Sweet Potato and Turkey treats are popular grain free treats that all dogs seem to love. They are made in the US with natural ingredients. Plato makes a number of different grain free treats with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Definitely a good option if you're thinking of a grain free diet for your dogs! 

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