8 Phrases We Say to Our Pets That Sound Creepy Said to Humans

371731667_ed5cd0a7d8_bLife with our pets is always interesting, and there’s no doubt they bring so much to our lives. Companionship, someone who is genuinely happy to see you, and most of the time is not getting on your nerves is a wonderful thing to have in our lives.

I can’t tell the amount of times I sat and spilled my heart out to my cat while I enjoyed the relaxation of petting his soft fur. The way he just always seemed to listen, not saying a word yet understood every one of mine. It’s the beauty of a dog or cat and because of this, we have a very special relationship with them that we can’t compare to human relationships. We can share things with our pets we don’t feel comfortable sharing with others and yet, when it comes to talking to our pets — there are some things that can only be said to pets, not people.

Check out these 8 phrases we commonly say to our pets that would just sound totally weird and creepy if we said them to humans:

1. “Here girl/boy.”

I say this to my cats all the time when I need to put Gmork’s collar back on (he loves to tear it off) and others say it often to their dogs to get their attention for various reasons. It’s usually a loving phrase in place of using their real name (you know like when your mom would say your full name you knew you were in trouble), but could you imagine saying this to your kids? It wouldn’t fly.

2. “Go fetch.”

Dogs love this game and it can provide great exercise for both you and your pet, but could you imagine saying this to a human? There are some instances where we can use the word “fetch” (right, Gretchen?), but really this is a phrase of happy that’s reserved mostly for dogs and it should stay there.

3. “Get out from under my feet!”

Okay, confession time: I may have said this to my kids at some point in their life when they’re in that “OMGEE I CAN WALK” phase of life and don’t quite grasp that people can trip on you. Dogs and cats never seem to understand that concept and so it’s not uncommon to hear a pet parent shout this out now and again. Still — sounds weird when you say it to a person above the age of 2.

4. “What a good boy/girl.”

We all love to hear some positive feedback now and again. For me though, I want it to be specific and telling for why I am being praised because I love hearing it and well, it will help me make sure I keep doing said action so I get more praise. That’s why this phrase is for dogs or cats — they love hearing it and you can always see a reaction of happy vibes. However, when or if this is said to a human — it’s always with an air of condescension.

5. “You’re so fluffy.”

It’s mean to say to a human, but an endearing term that’s totally acceptable to say to your fluffy cat or dog. I say it to my older cat all the time because she’s got wonderfully soft, fluffy white fur.

6. “Do you need to go outside?”

Totally valid to ask your dog because who wants to assume they don’t and see the evidence of “oh they so did” on the corner of your living room later? Also, it’s cute to see a dogs tail wag and get all excited from the anticipation of going to go for a walk or even just use the washroom. If you ask a fellow human this, it sounds like you’re asking to take the fight outside — you probably didn’t even know there was a fight.

7. “DOWN!”

When I hear this I think I’m about to get hit in the head with a random flying object. It’s not something you shout at people too often and yet I hear it come out of my mouth when I talk to my cat all the time. He likes to climb on the counters and tables and shelves — which would be super weird to see a person do.

8. “That’s not food.”

I don’t understand what the deal is with my cats but they seem to be happy to eat anything. I’m not kidding — I saw my cat trying to eat a peanut butter sandwich he stole from my daughter’s lunch a few days ago. I know it’s food for us — but that’s not something he should be eating. From what I understand, dogs do the same thing too. Having to tell people that it’s not food sounds weird — I mean, I guess it’s a thing you have to say once in a while when you have kids, but grown people should know — right?

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