8 Tips For Reducing Cat Odor in Your Home

I have had cats in my house for pretty much ever. We’ve just recently gone down from two cats to one as our older two cats passed and we adopted our new female cat, Ariel. Having cats a part of my life is not something I am going to change any time soon and life without them would seem pretty boring.

With cats living in the house, there’s no denying there is a little bit of odor that may come along with it. As my older cats aged, their litter habits changed and the smell increased. The last thing you want it to choose between a good-smelling house and having a cat, so thankfully there are some ways you can reduce that cat odor in your house with a few simple steps.

  • How to Reduce That Icky Cat Smell 1 of 9
    How to Reduce That Icky Cat Smell
    When it comes to life with cats, it can be smelly, but it doesn't have to be.
  • Use Baking Soda 2 of 9
    Use Baking Soda
    Baking soda is a safe and all natural deodorizer and can make a big difference in the smell. Sprinkle some on the litter box and it will do well for your house odors.
  • Change The Litter Type 3 of 9
    Change The Litter Type
    There are some litters that smell more than others. If you use newspaper, it will carry a stronger smell while a clumping litter tends to deodorize better. Just make sure what you use is fragrance free or you risk your cat avoiding the box all together.
  • Keep It The Same 4 of 9
    Keep It The Same
    Keep your litter box in the same spot, always. If your cat can't find it, they won't use it.
  • No Lid and Well-Ventilated 5 of 9
    No Lid and Well-Ventilated
    Don't get one of those lidded litter boxes because some cats refuse to use them, plus it will hold the smell much longer. Place the box in a large, open, well-ventilated area.
  • Scoop Daily 6 of 9
    Scoop Daily
    I know, not fun but totally necessary. If you scoop when they poop and scoop daily, there won't be a long time for the smell to linger.
  • Change Their Diet 7 of 9
    Change Their Diet
    Truth is, some foods for our cats make them stink more than others. Things like cheaper dry food and giving your cat cow's milk could add to the smell.
  • Have More Than One Box 8 of 9
    Have More Than One Box
    It's best to have more than one litter box. If you have one cat, have 2 boxes around the house. If you have 2 cats, make sure you have three boxes. Sounds like it may generate more smell, but with the daily scooping -- it will help eliminate the odors.
  • Use a Natural Non-Toxic Freshener 9 of 9
    Use a Natural Non-Toxic Freshener
    Simmer on the stove some water, lemon, cloves and cinnamon and deodorize and neutralize the air. It's non-toxic for your cats and does a really good job.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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