8 Ways to Wear Pugs

8 Ways to Wear PugsYesterday, I shared with you the amazing and fun ways you can make bulldogs a part of your fashion statement, from window decals to a whole outfit.

The fun doesn’t stop there, friends. There is another dog who is not only a favorite of mine, but a popular choice to add to the family.

They’re tiny, cute, full of personality and have a totally unique look. When you call a pug a part of the family, you love them for all they are and think they’re just the cutest dog ever.

If you’re one big fan of pugs, there are ways you can make them a part of every day — through fashion! Turns out, not only are these dogs great for their adorable look and personality, but they’re a pretty awesome accessory that’s bound to take an outfit to the next level.

I’ve rounded up 8 fun ways to wear pugs. From t-shirts to yoga pants, there’s something in here for everyone. Check out these 8 different ways to wear pugs:

  • Pug Necklace 1 of 8
    Pug Necklace
    How cute is this necklace? You can better your whole outfit with this cute gold pug.
    Go get one for yourself from FemaleArtCollective, Etsy $18
  • Pug Shirt 2 of 8
    Pug Shirt
    A cute pug with a red bandanna is the perfect way to wear your pug.
    Go get one for yourself from WLCSHOP, Etsy $15.89
  • Pug Yoga Pants 3 of 8
    Pug Yoga Pants
    Want to wear a pug but not have it be the focus of the whole outfit? These will do.
    Go get one for yourself from Nicola and the Newfoundlander, Etsy $30
  • Pug Cuff-links 4 of 8
    Pug Cuff-links
    For that dressy yet not too fancy party you need these cuff-links.
    Go get one for yourself from Mancornas, Etsy $23.50
  • Pug Nail Art 5 of 8
    Pug Nail Art
    Have these adorable pugs brighten your manicure -- a cute and simple way to wear a pug.
    Go get one for yourself from Tarlidada Jewelry, Etsy $4
  • Pug Sneakers 6 of 8
    Pug Sneakers
    Because you're not a true pug lover until you wear them on home-painted sneakers.
    Go get one for yourself from Pugpossessed, Etsy $15
  • Pug Hat 7 of 8
    Pug Hat
    Keep warm and cute while showing your love for the adorable pug with this hat.
    Go get one for yourself from flapperfashions, Etsy $30
  • Pug Dress 8 of 8
    Pug Dress
    For the little daughter in your life, this dress is too cute not to own.
    Go get one for yourself from SweetMeadowSweet, Etsy $50


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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