81-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Hoarding, Accused Of Making Feline Stew Years Ago

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Touboul froze and ate her pet cats.

Most animal hoarders love their pets, despite not always being able to take care of multiple animals properly. In fact, they usually love them so much, it is often traumatic for them to be separated from their beloved animals.

But what about a person who has been found to have committed animal abuse? And what happens when that person is elderly?

Lucienne Touboul, an 81-year-old woman from Arizona, was caught housing 90 cats back in 2010. After investigators seized the cats, all of the animals had to be euthanized because they suffered from leukemia and other deadly diseases. Now, just two years later, the woman is back at it again. On Wednesday, she was arrested and charged with 26 counts of animal neglect and cruelty.

Yet what is most disturbing about this story is that when deputies first investigated her home in 2010, they found nine frozen cats in Touboul’s refrigerator. That’s when she admitted to using the frozen cats for a “feline stew concoction.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said this is something that had been previously unheard of:

“I was briefed on this case this morning and found myself thinking that in 50 years of law enforcement, I’ve never heard of a case quite like this where an animal lover presumably turns her much loved pets into stew.”

Apparently, several agencies, including Adult Protective Services, the Sheriff’s Office and the Humane Society, had made regular contact with the woman, but she still somehow managed to collect 64 new cats since the first group was seized. There were no dead or frozen cats found this time.

All cats found on Wednesday are now being medically evaluated.  Touboul is currently in jail.

Image: Fox 4 News

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