9 Sleepy Rabbits Who Could Really Use an Afternoon Nap

Today is a hot one here with humidity that is off the charts. I have never been one who can really function in the heat, but when humidity is added to it all I want to do is sleep. Which is what I am fighting today, a big urge to take a really long afternoon nap on the couch.

Trouble is, the kids and work ‘get in the way’ and I spend the rest of the afternoon fighting it off. I yawn, look half dead as I struggle to keep myself away and kind of sit here half sleeping. We’re not the only ones who get this urge to sleep — our pets have to fight if off too. They are a bit luckier though because well, what is really stopping them from taking one?

Click through to see 9 bunnies who really look like they could use an afternoon nap:

  • Floppy Ears 1 of 9
    Floppy Ears
    He is so close to being asleep
    Photo credit: jpockele on Flickr
  • Bowl Nap 2 of 9
    Bowl Nap
    Looks as good of a place as any
    Photo credit: archeon on Flickr
  • Such a Sweety 3 of 9
    Such a Sweety
    He looks like he's given in to the nap.
    Photo credit: wiredwitch on Flickr
  • So Cute! 4 of 9
    So Cute!
    This rabbit is way too cute all cuddled in
    Photo credit: wiredwitch on Flickr
  • Yawn 5 of 9
    Look at his chompers
    Photo credit: wiredwitch/ on Flickr
  • Yawn + Stretch 6 of 9
    Yawn + Stretch
    Someone is looking mighty sleepy
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Baby Bunny! 7 of 9
    Baby Bunny!
    Maybe singing a lullaby will help?
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Comfortable 8 of 9
    He has given right into it.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur
  • Sleepy Baby 9 of 9
    Sleepy Baby
    A newborn bunny who is ready to sleep.
    Photo credit: hosted on Imgur


Photo credit:  hosted on Imgur

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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