9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog

Things to Consider Before Buying a DogThere are many times lately that I have considered getting a dog. My oldest daughter really wants one and has even picked out the name and everything.

With the holidays coming up, may times people ponder over getting their family member or loved one the biggest thing on their wishlist, a dog.  I mean, what would be cuter than finding an adorable puppy with a red bow under the Christmas tree?

It’s not quite as simple though, dogs are not “gifts”, but they are family members and it should not be a decision that’s made lightly. There are some pretty big things you should consider before getting a dog and a big reason why you should think twice before giving a dog as a ‘gift’.

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  • Cost of Living 1 of 9
    Cost of Living
    Owning a dog is not cheap and can vary on the type and size of dog you get. It's not just the initial cost, it can add up to nearly $900/year.
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  • Time Commitment 2 of 9
    Time Commitment
    Dogs require a lot of work and again, it's important to weigh the different dog breeds with the time you will have. If you're at work until late hours in the night, a dog may not be the best thing. They need attention and to be walked for exercise a few times a day.
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  • Lifespan 3 of 9
    Different breeds have different average lifespans and it's something you should take into account before getting a dog. It's a long term commitment and we're talking 12 years or more, so it's certainly not a spur of the moment decision.
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  • Breed Heath Concerns 4 of 9
    Breed Heath Concerns
    It may seem obvious, but owning a dog means taking care of it, in sickness and health. There are some breeds that are prone to some health concerns over another breed. Also, taking into account the time commitment for grooming (like brushing hair and teeth) is another important thing to consider.
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  • Breed Temperment 5 of 9
    Breed Temperment
    There are a lot of different personalities and quirks for the different dog breeds. You should take them all into account and weigh them against your lifestyle. Some dogs are more stand-offish and others like to be the center of attention.
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  • Allergies 6 of 9
    Some dogs are more allergy inducing than others and you need to make sure you weigh all members of your family before making the decision to add a dog to your family.
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  • Living Space 7 of 9
    Living Space
    Do you have enough room for a dog? Are you looking at larger dog breeds and have park space and inside space for their needs? Taking a real look at what you can offer to make sure they're comfortable and happy is important.
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  • Community Rules 8 of 9
    Community Rules
    Some areas have restrictions on which type of dog you can own, different rules and regulations for walking and caring for your pet. Making sure you understand all the rules for your community is an important decision factor.
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  • Puppy vs Older Dog 9 of 9
    Puppy vs Older Dog
    New puppies should not only be considered to join your family, but dogs from the shelter could use a home too. Deciding on either one has their pros and cons and should be weighed heavily for your situation.
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