A Collection of Cute: Pets Celebrating Easter in Costume

You may be already feasting on a great meal tonight or saving that for tomorrow with the extended family. Chocolate eggs, fuzzy bunnies and adorable little chicks are all figures of the awesome Easter holiday. There are many family traditions that occur from the egg hunts, egg painting and of course dressing up as rabbits.

We can’t forget our fuzzy friends as we celebrate the holidays. Some totally get into the spirit! Earlier this week I shared with you adorable bunnies being what they are — adorable in honor of Easter. Today, I bring you some even more adorable. There is almost nothing cuter then animals in costume. The only thing cuter I would say is pets in costume, pretending to be other animals.

Click to see adorable pets getting right into the spirit and celebrating Easter:

  • Kitty Costume 1 of 12
    Kitty Costume
    I'm sorry. This is just too cute...
    Want your own? Get it from: PamperedWhiskers on Etsy
  • Pink Eared Doggy 2 of 12
    Pink Eared Doggy
    He seems to be right in the spirit.
    Want your own? Get it from: Bowwowpet on Etsy
  • He Looks Impressed 3 of 12
    He Looks Impressed
    First the Easter camera shoot, then the chick hunt!
    Photo credit: Used with Permission from abaranda on Flickr
  • Bunnies Stay Warm 4 of 12
    Bunnies Stay Warm
    Up high searching for the hidden Easter eggs.
    Want your own? Get it from: PetitDogApparel on Etsy
  • Easter Tea? 5 of 12
    Easter Tea?
    She's all dressed up and ready to impress.
    Want your own? Get it from: PamperedWhiskers on Etsy
  • Lil Chick 6 of 12
    Lil Chick
    Little puppy dressed as an Easter chic... cuteness explosion!
    Want your own? Get it from: PetitDogApparel on Etsy
  • Sweet Cat with Bunny Ears 7 of 12
    Sweet Cat with Bunny Ears
    He is all ready for Easter dinner.
    Photo credit: Used with Permission from Rosedale Annie on Flickr
  • Out for a Walk 8 of 12
    Out for a Walk
    Celebrating Easter walking in the local parade.
    Photo credit: basykes on Flickr
  • Easter Snake 9 of 12
    Easter Snake
    Seriously, doubt this is real but he's all dressed up perfectly for the Easter occasion!
    Photo hosted on: Imgur
  • Egg Hunt 10 of 12
    Egg Hunt
    Buddies on the hunt for the Easter treats!
    Photo hosted on: Imgur
  • He’s Happy 11 of 12
    He's Happy
    He wants the attention today.
    Photo hosted on: ICHC
  • Pug Bunny 12 of 12
    Pug Bunny
    He totally makes an adorable bunny! See more cuteness from this puppy here.
    Want your own? Get it from: ilickyou on Etsy

:: Are you going to dress up your Pets for Easter? ::

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