A Murder of Crows and 19 Other Funny Animal Group Names

When I was a kid, I used to collect these animal cards and I was obsessed. Each card had a few photos of a specific animal and included all the scientific information like their class, species and fun facts about them. It had a map for where these animals were found and I looked at them all the time.

I don’t know why I love strange information and trivia, but I do. One thing I love to look up and learn is the actual names that are used for groups of animals. We’ve all heard of a murder of crows and while that still makes no sense to me, there are so many more that are just as strange.

Each animal, insect and so on has a specific name for what you would call a group. I’ve got here 20 of them that I think are fun:

  • 20 Funny Animal Group Names 1 of 21
    20 Funny Animal Group Names
    I don't know who comes up with these or why some of them have the names they do, but they're interesting!
  • A Wisdom of Wombats 2 of 21
    A Wisdom of Wombats
    This is one of the nicest names for a group of animals. I wonder if they're smarter in groups?
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Bed of Snakes 3 of 21
    A Bed of Snakes
    I can tell you for sure this is a bed I would NOT want to end up in.
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Glaring of Cats 4 of 21
    A Glaring of Cats
    This makes sense to me. I mean, one cat staring at you is intimidating... many = scary.
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Grist of Bees 5 of 21
    A Grist of Bees
    I have no idea how this makes sense, but it's a real name.
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Pod of Walruses 6 of 21
    A Pod of Walruses
    One weird looking animal and a weird name for groups of them.
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Pack of Dogs 7 of 21
    A Pack of Dogs
    I've heard this one before and sure you have too, but it's still interesting!
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Drift of Pigs 8 of 21
    A Drift of Pigs
    Perhaps because they're always drifting off to sleep?
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • An Intrusion of Cockroaches 9 of 21
    An Intrusion of Cockroaches
    This one makes complete sense.
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Company of Parrots 10 of 21
    A Company of Parrots
    Could you imagine being in the company of a company of parrots?
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Nest of Rabbits 11 of 21
    A Nest of Rabbits
    I like this cute name for a group of cute animals.
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Murder of Crows 12 of 21
    A Murder of Crows
    We've heard this one before and yet I still don't know why it's called a murder.
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Smack of Jellyfish 13 of 21
    A Smack of Jellyfish
    Something I would not want to be smack dab in the middle of!
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Troubling of Goldfish 14 of 21
    A Troubling of Goldfish
    Do you think they all get into trouble when they're together?
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Colony of Penguins 15 of 21
    A Colony of Penguins
    Penguins are my favorite and a colony of them is too awesome!
    Source: San Diego Zoo.
  • A Knot of Toads 16 of 21
    A Knot of Toads
    Well, don't get your toads in a knot... or wait...
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Business of Flies 17 of 21
    A Business of Flies
    They mean serious business when they're flying together.
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Plum of Seals 18 of 21
    A Plum of Seals
    I have no idea what this means. At all, but I bet it's cute.
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Crash of Rhinoceroses 19 of 21
    A Crash of Rhinoceroses
    Basically yes, a lot of Rhinos is not something you'd want to crash into.
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Corps of Giraffes 20 of 21
    A Corps of Giraffes
    I wonder if they move with military precision?
    Source: Environmental Graffiti.
  • A Band of Horses 21 of 21
    A Band of Horses
    I have heard of this term, but didn't know it was an actual name for the group of horses.
    Source: San Diego Zoo.

Photo credits: Photostock

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