A New Internet Superstar — Meet Owen the Griff

1The Internet has introduced us to a lot of pet superstars from Grumpy Cat to fluffy Pomeranian Boo. They’ve stolen our hearts and given us a lot of laughter and smiles and you guys, we’ve found the next doggy Internet Superstar.

Meet Owen the Griff — a 7-year-old Brussels Griffon who is full of personality and has captured my heart. His dark black eyes, those giant pointy ears, and the fact he only weighs 5.5 pounds — he has the real makings of becoming the next “it” guy on the web.

He is already famous in Lakefield, Ontario where he’s know as the “shop dog” of his human parent’s furniture store, Stony Lake Furniture Co. He has a following of people who like to visit him as he takes naps on the furniture and provides entertainment while people shop.

Owen the Griff is sometimes called by his nicknames “Bug” or Bunny” and when he’s not busy working at his parent’s store, he loves to model, chase squirrels, and take naps with his Daddy.

Through his photos alone you can see this little guy has a big personality and well, you can’t not fall in love with this face:


Taking a nap

He looks so peaceful while he’s sleeping!


Small size

Okay, so this is an over-sized chair, but you can still get a real feel for just how small Owen the Griff is.


Bow tie

He not only rocks a tie with style, but look at him totally pull off this bow tie.


Casual look

He doesn’t always dress up in his finest cocktail attire — he can wear a sweater and still take all the attention.

This is just a small taste of the cuteness that Owen the Griff brings. You need to check out his Instagram feed for even more photos that will melt your heart and make you feel all the feels.

All photos © OwentheGriff | Instagram. Shared with permission. Keep up to date with Owen on Instagram or via his shop’s Facebook page — Stony Lake Furniture Co.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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