A World with No Cats?

A World with No CatsMaybe not the whole world, but if Gareth Morgan has his way, New Zealand will be free of pet cats. Morgan, an environmental advocate (according to whom, I don’t know) says that the pet cats of New Zealand are killing off the native birds. Essentially, before cats, dogs and rodents, there were no predators to the native birds.

Morgan believes getting rid of the cats will help to increase the bird population and help to bring the beauty of the birdsong back to the city. People will also be able to enjoy beaches teaming with penguins and gardens full of kiwis.

While Morgan isn’t asking anyone to euthanize their cat (“Not necessarily, but that is an option,” says Morgan on his website), he wants people to neuter their cats and not replace them when they die. So far, the citizens of New Zealand are not going for it.

You can read the whole article by clicking here, but what I noticed is missing from it is that no one has brought up that it seems absurd to advocate eradicating one kind animal to “save” another. Why are the birds more important than the cats?

Click through the gallery to see what some cats had to say about Morgan’s plan.

  • Excuse Me? 1 of 5
    Excuse Me?
    When told Morgan's plan, this cat asked for Morgan's address, but promised to just go "talk to him."

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Banjo Brown
  • Peaceful 2 of 5
    "We don't even like to eat birds. We like fruits and vegetables. As a matter of fact, we are thinking of becoming vegetarians."

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Rikkis Refuge
  • Helping 3 of 5
    "I heard Gareth Morgan is also trying to get rid of mice. I'm looking for mice to help him. He just has to leave me alone."

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Shamanic Shift
  • I Always Sit up Here 4 of 5
    I Always Sit up Here
    "It's just coincidence that birdhouse is near where I sit. I definitely never bother those birds. Honest."

    Photo Credit - Tina Li
  • No Problems 5 of 5
    No Problems
    "See, Morgan's got nothing to worry about. I'm not touching that bird. I'm not even looking at him. Those feathers on the ground? I don't know? They were here when I got here."

    Photo Credit - Flickr/Per Ola Wiberg

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