Adorable Australian Shepherd Puppies!

There are many things to consider when selecting a dog breed: temperament, size, activity level, lifestyle, and of course the PCF (Puppy Cuteness Factor). Australian Shepherds are a working dog breed that the AKC calls, “animated, adaptable and agile.” They are excellent herding and family dogs that possess strong guarding tendencies. Australian Shepherds, also called “Aussies”, are best suited for active environments, specifically on a farm or ranch. Their coats are long, with colors ranging from solid black and red to blue and red merles, and their eye color ranges from brown to blue, with some having a mixture of the two. Australian Shepherds are my personal favorite dog breed, and the puppies are the most adorable, rambunctious fluff balls ever. In fact, their PCF is so great that Australian Shepherd puppies could even fill a soulless troll’s tiny blackened heart with boundless joy.

When my friend asked if I wanted to join her in looking for a puppy, I answered, “Um… duh. Yes!” Together with my children, we traveled west of Pierce, Colorado to the ranch of Jeff and Sandi Carr, who had a 7-week old litter of AKC and ASCA Australian Shepherd puppies. The Carrs are responsible breeders, who only raise dogs that will enhance the breed. Their puppies certainly enhanced my day. My friend loved the Carrs’ dogs so much that she now has the little powder blue merle at her house. Operation Puppy Procurement: Complete.

Try not to smile while looking at these Australian Shepherd puppies. I dare you.

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(All photos by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)


  • Meet an entire litter of 7-week old Australian Shepherd pups! 1 of 17
  • Shake! 2 of 17

    This powder blue merle shows off her breed's intelligence by performing 'shake'.

  • Puppy eyebrows are the cutest eyebrows. 3 of 17

    This black tri has a beautiful white collar and adorable tan eyebrows, which are essential to making Australian Shepherd the most handsome of dog breeds.

  • Run puppy, RUN! 4 of 17

    This red merle shows his need for speed by bounding through the weeds. You can tell he is moving fast because of the upward position of his adorable floppy ears.

  • Aussies love giving kisses. 5 of 17

    This blue merle was my son's favorite. He showered my boy with affection, offering many special puppy kisses.

  • Wuv, twue wuv. 6 of 17

    This red tri picked me. If I didn't have two dogs already, she would have gone home with me. I need to stop looking at this picture now because I have no will power.

    Wook. Wook at her face. I wuv her.

  • Fluffy sweetness. 7 of 17

    So. Stinkin'. Cute.


    Alertness shines in this pup's face! Look! He has a little pink spot on his nose. And look at his ears! And look at his tiny white paws! HE'S SO FLUFFY!

  • This puppy is smiling! 9 of 17

    Are YOU smiling yet?

  • Time for a rest. 10 of 17

    Sometimes, after a lot of jumping around, you just need to lay down and recharge your batteries.

  • Batteries RECHARGED! 11 of 17

    These two are fierce!

  • Pretty girl! 12 of 17

    Doesn't she look sweet?

  • Agility AND Athleticism! 13 of 17

    That step was BIG, okay?

  • Their faces have many expressions. 14 of 17

    What do you think they are saying? Here's my guess:

    The black tri is saying, "As soon as this person looks away, I'm going to pounce on you."

    The red tri is saying, "Oh yeah? I dare you."

    Now you try.

  • Dinnertime as a family. 15 of 17

    Puppy food- yum! Look at all those tiny tocks. 

  • Don’t go! 16 of 17

    How can you resist this cuteness?

  • *Sigh* 17 of 17

    Now I'm just torturing myself.


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