Adorable Kitten Afraid of the Least Likely Thing Imaginable

kitten jumpThere are many things in this world to be afraid of – some a little more understandable than others. Fears can be a result of something traumatic happening to us that turns us off a particular object or situation or it can be attributed to fears of the unknown.

People are not the only creatures who have fears – I bet even the bravest animals have some reservations when they’re dealing with something they’ve never seen before. Some fears are easy to understand – like why a cat would be afraid of a dog or the vacuum even, but other fears are not as easily understood.

Like this kitten: It’s adorable and young, but it’s afraid of something that I just didn’t think would cause fear in a cat.

Pattern overload? The kitten is jumping up in fear from the intriguing patterns of a floor rug. It’s not clear in the video if the person is slightly moving the carpet which makes the fluffy white kitten jump, but either way it’s weird.

And, frankly, way too adorable. Every time the kitten moves, it gets startled again, or so it seems, and jumps high into the air. I consulted Google by doing a search on why a kitten would be afraid or startled by the carpet and according to KittenCare.com, it could be more than just the patterns causing fear in the kitten. “Your cat may be picking up a scent or a mustiness on the carpet with which he is very uncomfortable,” says Simba while answering a user’s question on why their cat has an aversion to the carpet. Simba goes on to say that a cat could be receiving a small electric static shock from the carpet as well which could cause a reaction like jumping or avoiding the rug all together.

What weird thing have you seen your cat be afraid of? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Video credit: Shereen Al-B | YouTube; standard license agreement

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