Adorable Pets In Stockings!

As some of us are beginning to decorate for the holidays, I’m sure many have seen a cat or two crawl into a Christmas stocking and act all kinds of silly and if that hasn’t happened to you, I’m sad to hear it.

So I found some of the cutest images of pets in stockings to share with you. Are you prepared for the cute? ARE YOU SURE? Because there’s a lot of cuteness here.

Just a word: this might inspire you to consider getting a new pet for you or a friend or family member for Christmas. Please, please, please be careful about this decision! Only adopt a pet for the holidays if you or the person getting the pet is fully vetted, willing, and prepared. Animal shelters get overrun in mid-January by so-called “Christmas Presents” that have four legs and fur.

Anyway, with that out of the way, ENJOY.

  • Keepin’ Warm 1 of 14
    Keepin' Warm
    This is a "Peterbald" cat, so obviously he's staying in that stocking because it's nice and cozy in there. That's what his face says, right?

    Image Credit: Smooth Cats.
  • Calico Cuties 2 of 14
    Calico Cuties
    Oh, my. There's just something about a calico cat! Did you know that calico kitties are always female? Weird genetic thing. Males in litters with calicos tend to be black or orange tabbies.

    Image Credit: Great Images of Cats.
  • Wake up! It’s Christmas day! 3 of 14
    Wake up! It's Christmas day!
    Love this kitty doing a big stretch after he wakes up! I just wanna get that belly.

    Image Credit: YouTube/Rachel4Rent.
  • Gift Tags with Boxer Pup! 4 of 14
    Gift Tags with Boxer Pup!
    I love that this puppy is asleep! How adorable is that? You can get these as tags for your holiday gifts!

    Image Credit: Business123.
  • What’s Better than a Kitten In A Stocking? 5 of 14
    What's Better than a Kitten In A Stocking?
    Eight kittens in stockings! Obviously.

    Image Credit: Jigzone.
  • Fuzzy Ferrets! 6 of 14
    Fuzzy Ferrets!
    Love these two in the stockings! So cute and curious.

    Available as a Christmas Card from Massachusetts Ferrets!
  • Golden Pup! 7 of 14
    Golden Pup!
    Oh, MY. Who could resist those big puppy eyes? NOT ME.

    Available as a Christmas card from Zazzle!
  • Kittah! 8 of 14
    How long before that kitten sends that ornament there flying? I say in three... two...

    Downloadable Screen Saver from Desktop Nexus.
  • Plotting Revenge 9 of 14
    Plotting Revenge
    Clear to me that this kitty is gonna get ya just as soon as she figures out how to get down.

    Available as Holiday card from Zazzle.
  • Not Amused. 10 of 14
    Not Amused.
    Oh boy. This cat could give my cat Jax a run for the money in the disdain department. Awesome.

    Image Credit: AccuWeather.
  • Fuzzy Puppy! 11 of 14
    Fuzzy Puppy!
    I love how it looks like this pup is compressed in the stocking because he's so fluffy!

    Image Credit: So You're Getting Married!
  • Pug! In! Stocking! 12 of 14
    Pug! In! Stocking!
    I totally want this pug puppy in my Christmas stocking. GOODNESS THE CUTENESS.

    Image Credit: Das Dritteauge.
  • What? How’d I get here? 13 of 14
    What? How'd I get here?
    This poor kitty looks both annoyed AND confused.

    Image Credit: Flickr/Iluvcocacola.
  • Lab Puppy! SQUEE! 14 of 14
    Lab Puppy! SQUEE!
    Oh my GOODNESS. That FACE. I need a puppy. STAT.

    Image Credit: Laurkim Labs.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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